Darn. darn, darn, darn!

Freak, freak, freak, freak!

You're freaky!

And stinky!

You're freaky and you're stinky!

You're stupidy!

You're stupidy!

We've got a lot 'o crazy stupids to bust. HAHA!

You're stupidy!

You're stupidy!

He is pretty stupid, isn't he?

Dudes, this is messed. Your're callin' someone stupid. This is lame.

What did you expect? We're all freaking insane! HA!

Yeah, but guys! You're doin' this on TV!!

Haven't you always wanted to? He is stupidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're stupidy!

You're stupidy!

Who're you calling stupid?

Don't know!

They think they could do this to me! But I'm not made outta poop and pee!

You're stupidy! Please, don't kill me!
Killing? I hate gettin' killed! SHUT UP BRAIN!

You're stupidy! So stupidy!


Anyone wanna call her a piece of sh-

You can't call someone that on TV!

You're a stupid dumbrain!

You are totally a lout!

Yeah, you are! Cause you're stupidy! You're stupidy! You are stupidy!

C'mon sing!



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