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  • BridgetteLover226

    We're about to cry!

    On you're big fat thigh!


    Our tears are gonna drip down our noses!

    We might just go Ka-chooey!

    Get sad and become cryey!

    Cept there's tons we wanna do before we cry!

    Get some money!

    Become A champion!

    Make it home to see sexy mama!

    Carry a baby!

    Eat an olive!

    Be an antagnoist in a TV Show.

    Comfirmed episode person!

    Prom maker!

    Be a cool guy with frazzy pens!

    Lion eater!

    New food maker!

    Repairman for the trucks of NYC!

    But fist we must see crying, our goal here would be trying!

    Before we blast out into tears!

    Let into little waters!

    Tears merge into pieces!

    That's really amazing! So, let's cry!

    We'd like to not try crying!
    But, we must do it girl!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Still so much to do before we cry! Yeah, we are! Still so much to do, sti…

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  • BridgetteLover226

    No need to get crazy, it's movin' time at last!

    Ya don't wanna keep stayin' here!

    It smells like poop and gas! EW! EW!

    It's moving time for your butt!

    So watcha waitin' on?

    Just ignore the donuts, and move out till the break of dawn.

    It's movin' time.

    Movin' time, movin' time!

    Movin' time for your butt!

    It's movin' time!'

    Movin' time movin' time!

    People, keep it busy, now!

    It's movin' time!

    Movin' time, movin' time!

    Movin' time for your butt.

    It smells like - wait! No it doesn't smell! (gets punched in the face by the movers)


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  • BridgetteLover226

    Darn. darn, darn, darn!

    Freak, freak, freak, freak!

    You're freaky!

    And stinky!

    You're freaky and you're stinky!

    You're stupidy!

    You're stupidy!

    We've got a lot 'o crazy stupids to bust. HAHA!

    You're stupidy!

    You're stupidy!

    He is pretty stupid, isn't he?

    Dudes, this is messed. Your're callin' someone stupid. This is lame.

    What did you expect? We're all freaking insane! HA!

    Yeah, but guys! You're doin' this on TV!!

    Haven't you always wanted to? He is stupidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're stupidy!

    You're stupidy!

    Who're you calling stupid?

    Don't know!

    They think they could do this to me! But I'm not made outta poop and pee!

    You're stupidy! Please, don't kill me!
    Killing? I hate gettin' killed! SHUT UP BRAIN!

    You're stupidy! So stupidy!


    Anyone wanna call her a p…

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