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  • Brianxz2

    TDAS = TDRR ?

    September 25, 2015 by Brianxz2

    If anyone hasn't seen this, watch it now:

    It's the bonus clip from Total Drama all Stars.

    Why would they just end it like that? I think at some point (probably the finale), they are going to do something about all those other contestants. Maybe someone will be returning that WASN'T originally in the race. I mean, there wasn't a single team in the Ridonculous Race that was in All-Stars.

    Think about it! ;)

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  • Brianxz2

    Hey guys! I was a little bored so I came up with a random season-ish of Total Drama. This is my first time doing these kind of things, so it's probably horrible.

    Hope you enjoy!


    Total Drama: The Remixful Race

    This season will have rewars challenges, elimination challenges, DOUBLE elimination challenges, and a special challenge.

    1 - Carrie and Devin - Best Friends

    2 - Jacques and Josee - Ice Dancers

    3 - Heather and Alejandro - The Villains

    4 - Zoey and Mike - Competitive Couple 

    5 - Gwen and Trent - The Cool Friends

    6 - Mickey and Jay - Adversity Twins

    7 - Sanders and MacArthur - Police Cadets

    8 - Geoff and Brody - Surfer Dudes

    9 - Stephanie and Ryan - Haters …

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