My elimination preditions for Total Drama: All-Stars


Episode 1

After making it to the final 2 last season, nobody wants to underestimate the wide-eyed bubble boy this season. When the Vultures win the first challenge, the Hampsters decide its Cameron who needs to go.

Episode 2

After their loss last episode, the Hampsters try extra hard to catch up, to which they succeed. The Vultures, finding Gwen as their weekest link, all teem up to eliminated her. Thus, she becomes the second victom to the Flush of Shame.

Episode 3

Personally, I believe that this is not Alejandro, as in the comercial, we see the robot making beeping noises, and chris using a remote when he says that they can have him. Anyway, having lost last time, the teams are now even, and the Hampsters are trying extra hard to pull ahead. They win the challenge, and the Vultures are sent to elimination. It comes down to a tie between Robot, for being a useless robot, and Jo, because she has been getting on the teams nerves. To make up for this, Chris brings in Alejandro to the contest to fill the gap.

Episode 4

With Alejandro back, Courtney was throwing off the teams game due to her constantly being distracted by him. The team, seeing her as useless and not a great loss, vote her off at elimination.

Episode 5

Heather was impressed with Scott's stratagy last season, so she decides to make an alliance with him, and re-do that stratagy. With them sucessfully losing the challing, the convince the team to lose Duncan.

Episode 6

After throwing another challenge, Heather reveals to the team that it was Scott, to which he tries to convince them it was her, too. At elimination, Scott ultimatley gets the boot. 

Episode 7

After eliminated Scott, the Vultures are having a hard time believing Heather had nothing to do with the sabatadge. To prove to her team, she tries extra hard to win, and she does. At elimination, the Hampsters send Sierra home, due to her non-stop talk about Cody.


Epsode 8

Personally, I don't count Sam an All-Star. But he's competing for a reason, so I know he's going to go far. I think once the merge happens, no on will have a purpose for him, so they will eliminated him. 

Episode 9

As much as I can't stand this character, I think he will make it far, but will ultimately meet his downfall when people get annoyed with Sha-Lightning talking about Lightning in the third person.

Episode 10

Total Drama likes to keep the Male/Female ratio the same. I think Mike's evil personality will come out and pretend to be Mike. When he does that, she gets thrown off her game and loses the challenge, while Mike wins invincibility. She is then voted off.

Episode 11

Heather has managed to keep it through the who season. However, Evil Mike believes she is a thret, as she won in Total Drama World Tour (I'm going by the United States endings) and was third in Total Drama Island. He covinces Lindsay to vote with him for Heather, while Alejandro and Heather both vote for Mike. Chris then does a tie breaker, where Evil Mike wins, eliminating Heather.

Episode 12

Chris does another sudden-elimination episode, and re-does I Triple Dog Dare You! Mike manages to convince Lindsay to team up with him, similar to how Gwen and Owen teamed up. After they bombard Alejandro with dares, he loses. Leaving the final two being...

Mike vs. Lindsay: Finale

The final challenge is the same as the first seasons finale, a race where the eliminated contestants (or the non-competators for this season, like Staci, Blaineley, Izzy, Brick, etc.) help them. Almost nobody is on Mike's side, due to his new found evil personality. Towards the end of the race, Evil Mike tells Lindsay that Tyler is back at the starting line, and that she must go back for him, to which she believes him, and turns around. Only Tyler calls to her from the finish line and she continues the race, but lost a few minutes to Mike's trick. In the end, Mike crosses the finish line right before Lindsay does, and is crowned the winner of TDAS.

Alternate Ending

Lindsay doesn't fall for Mike's trick, as she reveals in the confessional she believes he is the "New Hannah" and she finishes the race before him.


  • I am going by the USA Cannon, so the winners so far were Owen, Duncan, Heather, Lightning (and now, Mike)

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