• Brendon82498

    My TDAS Predictions

    August 20, 2013 by Brendon82498

    My elimination preditions for Total Drama: All-Stars

    The final challenge is the same as the first seasons finale, a race where the eliminated contestants (or the non-competators for this season, like Staci, Blaineley, Izzy, Brick, etc.) help them. Almost nobody is on Mike's side, due to his new found evil personality. Towards the end of the race, Evil Mike tells Lindsay that Tyler is back at the starting line, and that she must go back for him, to which she believes him, and turns around. Only Tyler calls to her from the finish line and she continues the race, but lost a few minutes to Mike's trick. In the end, Mike crosses the finish line right before Lindsay does, and is crowned the winner of TDAS.

    Lindsay doesn't fall for Mike's trick, as…

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