Hi!! This is a random ellimantion order Be on the look out for Random TDA Ellimantion

22.Scarlett~ Killer Bass


21.Max~ Screaming Gopher

20.Dj~ Screaming Gopher

19. Noah~Killer Bass

18. Cody~Killer Bass 

Lindsay~ RETURN

17. Heather~ Screaming Gophers

16. Tom~ Screaming Gophers

15.Jen~ Killer Bass

14. Eva~ Killer Bass

13. Gwen~ Killer Bass

Merge Lindsay and Owen return

12.Owen~ Killer Bass

11. Beth~ Screaming Gophers

10. Justin~ Killer Bass

9.Trent~ Screaming Gophers

8.Leshawna~ Killer Bass

7.Lindsay~ Screaming Gophers

6.Mickey~ Killer Bass

5.Jay~Screaming Gophers

4.Brody~Killer Bass

3.Geoff~Screaming Gophers

2.Tyler~ Screaming Gophers

1.Izzy~ Screaming Gophers

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