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Hey guys, Mike here for an announcement. So, I'm trying to stay active here for TDPI (which is coming in three months!) but work, school and my new man have me very busy so I'm here overnights now. :3

But anywho, with TDPI's official designs, leaked script of Episode 1 and a secret confessional of Scarlett, it's that time for Mike to do his Total Drama predictions!

Please note that these are predictions and opinions. I will be wrong. They will also contain spoilers so I kindly ask all that's reading and may comment to beware of what you'll add. If you spoil someone who doesn't want to be spoiled, I'll make you date Staci's fat rolls.

So lets get started, shall we. ;) Also, side note, for "Roles", it means either Protagonist, Antagonist, Anti-Hero or Comic Relief.



  • Name: Amy
  • Description: From the looks of the script, she and her twin sister Samey are on the same team. Though she seems to be more aggressive than her sister. And according to their voice actress, they're both cheerleaders. So, to me, I'm thinking Amy is head cheerleader and is ruthless to everyone else. Plus, this is the first time TD has brought twins to the show, so this competitor is a KEEP AN EYE ON.
  • Role: Antagonist - It's been a while since TD had its last female villain (Courtney, TDA) so bring one back is fun, and why not the evil twin! Amy does have potential so I see her being the next TD bad guy.
  • Ranking: 5th - Finalist - If she's going to be the next TD villain, of course she's going to make it far, and she has her sister to help her. I can see another Heather/Lindsay 2.0 with them.


  • Name: Beardo
  • Description: Okay, from the script, he seems to be this guy who is very in tune with beat boxing and sound (Michael Winslow) and is on very good terms with his team. I have to say, he's very interesting.
  • Role: Comic Relief - However, (I've added Comic Relief to roles now :3) because of his run role on the show, it seems that he's only there to put a smile on people's faces and nothing more. No potential at all.
  • Ranking: 14th - 10th - He's definitely a goner before the merge, or possibly one of the first people to go from his team. Not to be mean or anything, but beat boxing person doesn't go far in competitions (B, Sadie, Izzy [TDWT] - all quiet competitors in their seasons of elimination).


  • Name': Dave
  • Description: I know when we asked for Noah back, I didn't mean another one! Though, as much as I like Noah, Dave seems to be an exact copy of him, but different style. Still sarcastic and what-not. But then again, I had the same idea of Jo when she became Eva 2.0 before, but now I love Jo. So, anything can happen with Dave.
  • Role: Protagonist/Victim - Like most fan favorites (Trent, Owen, Tyler, Dawn, Mike, Zoey, Noah, Heather), they were eliminated by an antagonist. Dave seems to be heroic, but he's probably going to be bate.
  • Ranking: 11th or 10th - I don't see him making it far at all. Since this is a common ranking for people eliminated by antagonist (TDI - Trent 11th; TDA - Izzy 10th; TDWT - Noah 11th, Tyler 10th; TDRI - Dawn 11th; TDAS - Heather 10th), it seems only fair to place Dave in this area. I'm guessing either Amy or Sky may eliminate him.


  • Name: Ella
  • Description: Okay, don't get me wrong, but I love the idea of having a Princess Spoof on Total Drama. And that I love the singing from World Tour, I think I'm going to enjoy Ella! I can definitely see her get mad at someone and use the animals to attack them while singing Barracuda. She seems to have an early rivalry with Sugar but I can be wrong. Excited to see her!
  • Role: Comic Relief - Because she's a spoof, I believe her only role is to just sing and nothing more.
  • Ranking: 12th - 8th - Definitely not the first to go, but I don't see her making the merge. She has little potential but not as much as other competitors. But, I think she may get my approval after the show. :)


  • Name: Jasmine
  • Description: Now here's a heavyweight! Jasmine from the script seems to be very athletic, knows her way around situations and possibly the new Jo of TD! I already love her so I'm excited to see what she has in plan. :) Also, I'm shipping for RodneyxJasmine!
  • Role: Protagonist - Unlike Comic Relief, I see her playing more as the good guy rather than bad guy. With an aggressive cheerleader on her team, it seems that there must be someone that's going to fight against her.
  • Ranking: 7th - 4th - Because of her height and athleticism, it only fair to put down that she's not going to win because she's a huge threat. Like Jo and Lightning, they were easy targets when merged and since Jasmine is one, she can possibly be eliminated because of this.


  • Name: Leonard
  • Description: So we finally have a wizard! Yay! I'm actually pretty excited to see how Leonard is going to become in the season. Can't hardly wait!
  • Role: Comic Relief - Okay, I hate myself for this, but again he's a spoof. I don't see him doing anything heroic or villainous. Only fair to do this.
  • Ranking: 14th - 10th - Like Dave and Beardo, little to no potential at all.


  • Name: Max
  • Description: So he's obsess with being evil. Another Mal I think but not so lame. He was plotting evil so I guess that counts for something. Also his design is weird so I think they're trying make him this evil looking guy... I like it.
  • Role: Comic Relief/Antagonist - Lets be honest, as much he's going to plot evil... I don't think it's going to work.
  • Ranking: 8th - Calling it.


  • Name: Rodney
  • Description: Now here's a guy with potential! Rodney is big, strong and thinks quickly. He seems to fancy Jasmine so possibly a relationship on our way! Though the thing that bothers me is how his coloring is the same as Scott. I'm guessing they're related or brothers? Guess we'll find out. :)
  • Role: Protagonist - Like Jasmine, since they might be in a relationship, and teaming up with evil, it's only fair to have another hero on the team.
  • Ranking: 7th - 4th - Like Jasmine, if Rodney makes the merge, he's going to be a prime target.


  • Name: Samey
  • Description: Twins! And the kind twin! Like Amy, potential for another Heather/Lindsay 2.0 can happen or a twin rivalry may spark. I'm excited. Like crazy excited. And she's also a cheerleader. But that brings me to my next point.
  • Role: Protagonist/Victim - Since her sister may be the next TD Villain, she might be in trouble now since she's kinder than her sister. Also, since Heather did take control of Lindsay, the same can happen with the two.
  • Ranking: 5th - Finalist - Anything can happen. From tricking everyone to being bate, Samey's placing is up in the air. But a lot of potential.


  • Name: Scarlett
  • Description: Now, even though she was very quiet in the script of the episode, the confessional she was in reveals that she's very intelligent. Other than that, I have no opinion of her at the moment.
  • Role: Protagonist - Similar to other geeks in the past (Harold, Cody, Beth, Cameron), I can tell Scarlett is going to be one instead of being a comic relief. She probably fights back against the antagonists on her team.
  • Ranking: Too hard to call - Anything can happen with Scarlett. We've seen Cameron, Cody and Beth make it to the finals and we guess they'll not last. So a chance of Scarlett making it far can happen, but then again she can be eliminated early.


  • Name: Shawn
  • Description: From the script, he seems to be his guy who's obsess with zombie attacks. Probably another bad guy/rebel from what it seems. However, unlike the other males, he does seem to have some potential of making it far. Possibly be an ally with either the hero or villain of the show.
  • Role: Anti-Hero - It's really too hard to tell. In the past, Duncan was an anti-hero and Scott seems to have become an anti-hero as well. So I'm guessing he's probably going to become one as well.
  • Ranking: 5th - 3rd - He's definitely making it far, but I don't see him making the finale.


  • Name: Sky
  • Description: She seems to be very athletic, has some sort of strategy and can be very manipulative too. I'm guessing she's one of those gymnast who continuously shows off their ability. But, she's very interesting so I'll keep a close eye on her.
  • Role: Anti-Hero - It's really hard to tell. Though, I feel that she's not going to be a true hero nor villain. I know she's making it far but she'll probably do what it takes to win.
  • Ranking: 7th - Finalist - Again, she has A LOT of potential and very athletic as well. But, like Jasmine and Rodney, she can be a threat to the game.


  • Name: Sugar
  • Description: Okay, she's very funny and adorable. Her design is awesome and she's so fat and sassy, I can't resist! She seems to be a parody of Honey Boo-Boo (blonde, white trash, white, sassy, no shame), so I can tell there's going to be a lot of laughs coming from her.
  • Role: Comic Relief - Because of the parody, she's definitely a comic relief. Possibly Owen 2.0 but I guess I have to wait and see.
  • Ranking: Too Hard to call - Like Scarlett, anything can happen.


  • Name: Topher
  • Description: FINALLY A CHRIS STALKER! Topher seems to be this guy that probably wants to be a host of a show, but may have an obsession with Chris in return (new Sierra or Dakota?). I'm excited to see what they have in store for him!
  • Role: Comic Relief/Protagonist - Though I feel his role is going to be similar to Dakota, I think Topher is going to be very funny but also side with the good guys. Though I feel that he's going to become a victim of an antagonist, since there isn't a lot of potential at all coming from him.
  • Ranking: 10th - 7th - He's going to be eliminated mid-season, I'm calling it. 9th place fits him.


So, I see a lot of potential from Amy, Samey, Jasmine, Rodney, Sky, Shawn and Sugar, but not from the rest. I feel this season is going to be very female dominate and possibly have an all female finale or final three. I think the Protagonist of the season may be either Jasmine or Shawn, Antagonist Amy, and the rest are bait. :P I'm calling it now, Amy vs Samey. What do you guys think?

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