Yep, the time has happened again, where I had a dream about Total Drama... again!

Well, it wasn't really that bad where I made out with Cameron in my Total Drama self (though Cameron was portrayed at BB, my husband) and thought Jo was a real person for three days, but this time I was actually in the competition itself, but it wasn't like the Total Drama standard with teams of two and battles and stuff like that and an elimination at the end, but like teams of duos, going around the world (similar to the Amazing Race).

So, my Total Drama Dream 2.0 starts with me falling asleep, and I'm portrayed at me in a Total Drama self (like my picture on my userpage but not well dressed), and I'm in this race around the world with the other Total Drama cast and my partner is Courtney (for some reason, she had black hair) and we start at Camp Wawanakwa and the horn goes off and we race. Then it was a blur because next I remember, me and Courtney were in this boat, going around a building with targets on doors. Courtney throws me at the door and we're inside and there's stairs. We run up them to see people gambling, and Courtney gets mad and beats them up all. Then the blur occurs.

So we continue on our journey to some place in Hollywood, where people were taking millions of photos of us (don't know why cause I'm ugly) and we run inside to see these pamphlets, then Gwen and Duncan ran next to us, and Courtney got mad. Then the inside of the building becomes a roller coaster and we're all screaming. At this point, a blur occurs and I end up being in a conference room with Courtney and some fat bald guy sitting behind a desk. Don't know why, but I guess we won? I don't know, because at this point, I woke up.

So... there I have it... another dream wasted to Total Drama, making me dream up some wild stuff (and Courtney having black hair). Well now, I'm going to convince myself that I won nothing and Courtney isn't a real human being.

Have a wonderful day you beautiful people! ;) Mikeis so awesome! 12:56, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

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