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  • Breakingmikey

    First off, read here:

    Now secondly, read underneath:

    To ensure what I understand about Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, RR is NOT season six of Total Drama. TDPI is not season six of Total Drama but part two of season five. Still hard to understand?

    The Ridonculous Race is a spin-off series of Total Drama. Like there's "Family Guy," it's spin-off series are "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show." Same Universe, same producers/writers/whatever, different series.

    Like the article above says, "The obvious question is that if The Ridonculous Race isn’t Total Drama Season 6, is there going to be a Season 6 at all? Right now we can officially say there aren’t any imm…

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  • Breakingmikey

    Hey guys, Mike here for an announcement. So, I'm trying to stay active here for TDPI (which is coming in three months!) but work, school and my new man have me very busy so I'm here overnights now. :3

    But anywho, with TDPI's official designs, leaked script of Episode 1 and a secret confessional of Scarlett, it's that time for Mike to do his Total Drama predictions!

    Please note that these are predictions and opinions. I will be wrong. They will also contain spoilers so I kindly ask all that's reading and may comment to beware of what you'll add. If you spoil someone who doesn't want to be spoiled, I'll make you date Staci's fat rolls.

    So lets get started, shall we. ;) Also, side note, for "Roles", it means either Protagonist, Antagonist, Anti-…

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  • Breakingmikey

    Yep, the time has happened again, where I had a dream about Total Drama... again!

    Well, it wasn't really that bad where I made out with Cameron in my Total Drama self (though Cameron was portrayed at BB, my husband) and thought Jo was a real person for three days, but this time I was actually in the competition itself, but it wasn't like the Total Drama standard with teams of two and battles and stuff like that and an elimination at the end, but like teams of duos, going around the world (similar to the Amazing Race).

    So, my Total Drama Dream 2.0 starts with me falling asleep, and I'm portrayed at me in a Total Drama self (like my picture on my userpage but not well dressed), and I'm in this race around the world with the other Total Drama c…

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  • Breakingmikey

    A new beginning

    September 15, 2013 by Breakingmikey

    Haven't done this in a long time, but it's worth a shot.

    Hey guys, it's me, Mike aka 'Breakingmikey'. I was banned a couple of years ago for basically being a total jerk to pretty much everyone because I was demoted from my admin status. I should of left but because of having no social life then, I pretty much forced myself to stay on here and build up more anger. And that was possibly the worst decision ever and it caused me to lose friends, tried to make enemies, tried to break friendships, made me paranoid, eventually blackmailed people, become more angry and paranoid and got myself banned. And the ban was 100% deserved in every way. And now, I regret everything I've done to everyone I've hurt and I'm sorry for everything.

    And I'm not goi…

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