• BradP27

    To be honest, I skipped a lot of All Stars. I left Pahkitew Island on in the background while I did my homework. I've watched and rewatched TDI to procrastinate, but I've never rewatched TDA, TDWT, or TDROTI. 

    Why? We know why. Hackneyed plots. Corny half-jokes. Cringe-inducing moments of awkwardness--sometimes it seemed as if the writers room was made up of Dwayne clones saying "How do the youngsters talk these days?" A show's only worth watching if you care about the story or find it funny. For a while, Total Drama was neither. As someone who loved the original as a kid but now had Adult Responsibilities such as Applying To Graduate School, I was thinking about leaving it behind for good.

    Then Ridonculous Race happened. And boy howdy, was …

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  • BradP27

    Hi all,

    I've been a fan of the show (and a reader of the wiki) since the beginning, but I've never made a post before until now. In light of all the criticisms that are being levied against the newest season and the show as a whole, I thought I would take the time to highlight a very serious issue that no one has brought up yet. It's one that we have a responsibility to think about and discuss very seriously, because it goes beyond the show itself and is something that affects our lives and the lives of others.

    Below is the email I sent to Julie Lind and the Total Drama team after I saw the call for feedback. This is an issue that I've been concerned by for a while, and since people seemed to be willing to listen, I thought I'd take a moment…

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