Okay so, I remember watching the TDROTI episode "Grand Chef Auto" when I saw a weird looking silhouette appear on screen for a brief second behind Mike's head while he was in his mind. It appeared just after he said "From now on, my mind is under new management." When I first saw it, I has no idea what it was (I assumed at first it was Ezekiel or something). This was all until I remembered it again after watching TDAS. Could this have been Mal? I have the picture here.File:Mal in TDROTI?.jpg See that silhouette behind his head? Who or what is that? I assume it's Mal. I promise you this image is NOT edited. If you don't believe me, just see for yourself. In the episode "Grand Chef Auto" just after Mike says "My mind is under new management." That silhouette briefly appears on screen behind his head and I think that was Mal watching him waiting for the perfect time to emerge and take over. This might just have been a technical error made by the editors or something but it seems a bit too accurate to the series for it to be an coincidence. Tell me what you guys think. Leave a comment below.

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