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Hello! I'm Bowen and welcome to Character Appreciation Week 3. This week, we will talk about the Jersey Shore Reject Anne Maria! Also, SPOILER ALERT!

Personally, I think Anne Maria is one of the funniest characters in TDROTI. She has some of the best lines of the season. Even though her personality isn't that likeable, she definetly makes it up in everything else.

Then, there was the love triangle of Anne Maria x Mike x Zoey. It's obviously a rip-off of Jersey Shore. I don't really know what to talk about for this one, so I'm gonna move on.

Her elimination was one of the best of the season. After Brick got voted out, she quit because she had a diamond. But, it wasn't worth anything. So it was a double elimination, obligatory in 13 episode seasons.

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Best Season: TDROTI

Best Episode: Finders Creepers

Best Moment: Saving Jo's life 

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