Helloooooo.I'm just your average person, and dis is my first blog.I WAS SCARED.OK? OK. Anyways, today I for everyone to discuss something that's greatly overused by writers-

LOVE.   ♡♥

In the comment section, list you favorite pairings from each season, or just put your main OTP.

I don't want you all in the comment section out of nowhere go about how "dott is ridiculous", or how "zoke is a horrible piece of poop" (which it is but still) or any of the hate like that. You can discuss with others calmly, but PLEASE no bashin.



Fav pairings from-

Tdi-owen x izzy

Tda-leshawna x Harold (idk, most pairings were in the dark this season.)

tdwt-alejandro x heather

Tdroti-Jo x brick (I know this is just a fanon couple, but it's so CUTE.) 

Tdas-well, if this season brought us anything, it brought us more aleheather ♡

Tdpi-a tie between Jasmine x Shawn and Scarlett x max


So, put your fav pairings in the comment section below! 

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