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  • Bootylicious13

    Hi! Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week, we'll take a look at one Total Drama character- what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. Sorry for the untimely entry, but I'm Bootylicious13, and to kick off my respective number- 13, how ironic- we'll be appreciating the Brickhouse with Heart, DJ !

    DJ is at least slightly under-the-radar for many fans, which is understandable. Only making the merge in one of his three seasons , DJ's main light would shine on him in this one. There, it was quickly shown that he would act as the commonly known "Disney Princess-" or at least the male counterpart. Love and compa…

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  • Bootylicious13

    Admittedly, you probably only recognize me or care about what I have to say because of my username. 

    We all know it to be true- not many people are completely goody-goodies whose only mistakes aren't deliberate. Who do you think are some characters from TD and/or RR who are seen as heroes that purposely performed shenanagins equal to, or even worse than, that of what an antagonist would do? On the other end of the spectrum, who are some characters that are undoubetly antagonists, yet have managed to do deeds of protagonistic-leve kindness? 

    Comment with your thoughts below!  (\( 'v' )/)

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  • Bootylicious13

    Helloooooo.I'm just your average person, and dis is my first blog.I WAS SCARED.OK? OK. Anyways, today I for everyone to discuss something that's greatly overused by writers-

    LOVE.   ♡♥

    In the comment section, list you favorite pairings from each season, or just put your main OTP.

    I don't want you all in the comment section out of nowhere go about how "dott is ridiculous", or how "zoke is a horrible piece of poop" (which it is but still) or any of the hate like that. You can discuss with others calmly, but PLEASE no bashin.



    Fav pairings from-

    Tdi-owen x izzy

    Tda-leshawna x Harold (idk, most pairings were in the dark this season.)

    tdwt-alejandro x heather

    Tdroti-Jo x brick (I know this is just a fanon coup…

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