Here's my little intro. I loved this. It was my first Roleplay Reborn episode to watch, and I loved it. 

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Could have been shorter, some delays from time getting lines in and bus ride. If you missed it, it was the show of the year! I’ll be returning to the next show!


Who's gonna be Lindsay? It took about 5 minutes into the show to determine who Lindsay is. However, right when Lindsay's segment came up, her actor was determined. Nice save.

Geoff about the slammer; Lindsay, say something. Lindsay took a little to answer. This might be because her owner just was claimed, I dunno. Once again, nice save.

Funny: Josh: "Who knew Geoff could be such a heavy spender?" This was really funny.

Blaineley and Josh: Good These two were probably my favorite for their funny comments.

Katie, Eva, and Sadie Cooking Segment: Very good!

Blaineley: THE SUSPENCE! 'Will these three reunite on the red carpet, or will their ties be severed forever?" I loved that, made me wanted to go straight to the red carpet to know if they'll be friends.

A random message about Ryan appeared from the Bridge and Owen account.

Haha, LeShawna said, “This is from me AND Gwen!” Good line!

Trent is so awkward on his blog. I love it.

Ooh, more Duncney drama. Me likey.

Josh and Blaineley are KILLING IT! I love your lines, guys.

Courtney account is channeling Courtney great at the dinner date. STAY ANGRY!:)

“And you look JUVENILE!” -Courtney. Line of the scene.

Courtney could of something… Different... Instead of throwing the pie.

Wow. This is my first show I’ve watched, so I dunno, Beth and DJ? How’d that happen?

WOW! I love the example Blaineley gives for Beth and DJ being separated.

Josh: Wait, Beth joined the cheerleading squad?! HAHA!

They haven’t been out for FOUR MONTHS?

Beth: Sooo, this is fun…  They have nice bread here. HAHA!!

I love Beth on the date with DJ scene. She is super awkward.

BETH! You’re killing it!

I did see the end of that one roleplay episode where Bridgette and Tyler hooked up.

Blaineley and Josh, hilarious as ever. Love these two.

CODY! My favorite character just said my favorite line yet: “It seems like the perfect place for a date if you ask me."

Noah vs. Justin: The Book Rivalry. Sounds interesting.

That Noah vs. Justin scene wasn’t as exciting as I expected.

HA! Izzy at the Award Show with a foam finger! I can see that.

I loved the Chris/Izzy/Blaineley account. You did great.

I didn’t get that Blue Jay Thin was a parody of Robin Thicke until I saw it on the TDWIKI-CHAT page. More twerking next time, Izzy account. Haha. That explains the foam finger now.

Izzy: (after Chris let them down, everyone’s sad EXCEPT her) WHO WANTS TO GO SEE A MOVIE? Popcorn’s on me! 

Lindsay: Chip (referring to Chris)

Whoever is Duncan, good job on remembering to bully Harold even though everyone else is spazzing out. Very nice touch.

Josh: JERSEY BORES! That’s’ great. Like I said, I’m loving the Josh and Blaineley lines.

Geoff: “That show is off the hook.” HAH!

Lindsay STILL gets his name wrong. Priceless.

Chef so hopeful when they apologize. “R… Really?”

Josh, while announcing winner, does the … … … THE SUSPENCE!!! Haha

Chris while on the phone with Gwen. “Could you be more specific?”

Mumsy. #Classic

Owen: When he doesn’t thank everyone, and you fall to your knees, I loved it!

@Heather: Nice theme song reference.

Duncan doesn’t talk that much as he does on the show.


Noah continues the conflict between him and Justin, that’s good, really makes up for their awful scene from earlier. Good job, guys!

Courtney is desperate for helping Duncan hotwire the bus, I love that.

and Duncan denies her! Haa!

Harold: “Dang it, I brought my driving gloves for nothing.” Keep it nerdy, very Total D.-traditional.

Lindsay, I love your bad memorization with names, also very Total D.-traditional.

Courtney had her chance at the apology dinner. Why so desperate all of a sudden, girl?

We are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME focused on where people are sitting on the bus.

I MISS JOSH! He’s funny.

Skip to the Oprah scene; The bus ride is boring.

I love Courtney’s description of Gwen: Rude, deluded, totally uncoordinated, terrible posture, gross hair -- That should become a running gag.


Katie falling as she finally works up the nerve to talk to Sadie is great.

Lindsay: A GPS is a Great Postal Service.


The intermission was a good touch.

Chris Mclean has a heart.

Good ending.

Time to go.


Where’s Sierra and Al?


  • Guys, you did great. Remember to be prepared to speak. I know your power may go out or something, that's fine. But be prepared; Pay attention, basically.
  • THAT'S IT!:) An awesome cast, I'm coming back!

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