• Bookworm14

    Chris sets up a TDWT-based show with little differences. Casts of Season 6 and 4 compete for 1 million dollars while touring the globe.  Elimination Ceremony: Contestants are given makeshift tickets to their next destination/ Players who are eliminated are thrown out the classical way with a parachute

    27th: Anne Maria-When in Rompe

    26th:Brick-Killer Nights

    25th:Lightning-Conga to the Congo

    24th:Max-Crashin' in the Carribean

    23rd:Beardo-Airboats, The Plains, and More Games

    22nd:Sam-Sweet, Sweet, Switz

    21st: Sugar-Hungry for Hungary

    20th: Topher-Big Trouble in Big China

    19th: Scarlett-Belching in Belgium

    18th:Leonard-Leaping Leeches!

    17th:Staci-sKite Diving

    16th:Rodney-Mardi Gras Brawl

    15th:Dave-Tomatoes, Tomatoes, and More Tomatoes

    14th:B-The Silent Game …

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