Hey! :D

So ummm I just created a total drama character, I designed it and that's what came out: 



So what do you think? I named her Maia. She's a nice person, not the smartest, she always comes with a big smile, and she's just kinda... normal.

So before you say her head is HUGE, I noticed that and I fixed it but not in this design (in the picture)... Also, I made my first animation, there her head is normal sized and you can see her doing really basic moves... here's a link to it (it's barely 15 seconds) :

It's a short scene just to tell you a little bit about her personality and look. The scene is weird and random but it took me about 5 hours to make >.<

So please say your thoughts on the design and animation, be honest (:

Have a sparkling day! :DD

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