Heyyyy theree again :D I said it in other blogs but I'll say it again - my grammar is terrible...sooo (:

So I designed a TD character called Maia and animated a super short scene for it, so I'm designing some other charracters, I did like 5 more characters designings but I didn't want to post it cause I didn't have any problems with their designs, but this character who I still haven't names is so full of problems. So first of all here's an early design of the head (that what I made so far): 


Unnamed dude

Just to say it he isn't a good guy, he is supposed to be a cruel guy who has an look-alike female friend. He's blond by the way. Yeah. I just have a few questions for you guys if you want and would like to help me! (: ​

  1. Does he even look Total-Drama-ish? I mean could you think of him as a contestant? and if not, why and what would you make better at his face design? I look at the other characters of the shoe and he soesn't look like one of them... opinions?
  1. What to do with his eyes? I think theyr'e not bad though they are not so good too.
  1. Does he remindes you of a different exisiting contestant? Is it just a tiny simalarity or is it almost a full "copy" of some contestant? that will help me to know if he's original enough.
  1. And generally is his design OK? is it fitting for the "arrogant guy"?


Have a sparkling day! :D

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