If you don't see Total Drama World Tour online or you have not watch the end, then this contains spoilers! ANd this a kinda short rant things so yeah. ^^ all I gotta say I love this season! More than TDA. Not as much as TDI. lol The backstabbing and two-timing was used too much this season...This season was full evil and I LOVED it. lol Even though Heather wasn't as mean this season as TDI (cause in TDA she didn't really do anything really bad), she was awesome this season! I loved her! And her relationship with Alejandro was soo awesome! I loved it. Too bad they are never gonna happen. I really wished they could have. But Alejandro had this coming to him. Heather was karma to him. lol

And omg! Alejandro better go back to normal! He was awesome! And all the cast better have been saved. And have a semi-happy ending. lol Except for Ezekiel. Him burning the money got me so mad. I hate him more than ever! Heather maybe would have saved Alejandro if she had the money. (im being delusional xD)I hope Courtney and Gwen can be friends again.

I'm sad that I know there is never gonna be a GwenxTrent again. Or DuncanxCourtney. I admit I love DuncanxGwen...I think it's so cute, but hey I still feel sad. I like Courtney she didn't really deserve to be cheated on, but hey Duncan & Gwen were caught in the heat of the moment. It was wrong, but he realized he had feelings for his best friend. I still love him. x3 Still a PROUD Duncan fan girl. Well to finish about DxGXT/CxDxG love triangle...I'm ok. I just watch TDI or TDA for GxT/DxC moments.....I'm just sooo sad about GxT. I actually don't mind DxC spiting as much a GxT. :'( But I still like I'm still ok.

I wanted Cody to win this season! I'm sad about that but I still love Cody. He & Duncan both share the spot of my favorite character. x3 love them. :D

Noah, Cody, Tyler, and soo many other...I can't believe they weren't in all 3 seasons. Honestly they should have kept all characters all 3 seasons. xD I love them all except for Owen & Ezekiel. They are annoying. -__-

4th season? Well I might watch it, but they aren't the cast I love to watch...SO i really doubt I will continue to get all excited. I just hope the TDI/TDWT cast gets a good ending for them. Thats all I didn't like. Seriously...Don't kill them! lol

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