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  • Bluegirlboo

    My opinion on TDWT

    September 1, 2010 by Bluegirlboo


    If you don't see Total Drama World Tour online or you have not watch the end, then this contains spoilers! ANd this a kinda short rant things so yeah. ^^ all I gotta say I love this season! More than TDA. Not as much as TDI. lol The backstabbing and two-timing was used too much this season...This season was full evil and I LOVED it. lol Even though Heather wasn't as mean this season as TDI (cause in TDA she didn't really do anything really bad), she was awesome this season! I loved her! And her relationship with Alejandro was soo awesome! I loved it. Too bad they are never gonna happen. I really wished they could have. But Alejandro had this coming to him. Heather was karma to him. lol

    And omg! Alejandro better go back to norm…

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  • Bluegirlboo

    TDA came to end!

    December 11, 2009 by Bluegirlboo

    Im happy and sad. I already miss the Total Drama series! I'm so happy Duncan won and DxC got back together. (Except the way they hook up in the alternative version was better.) I love that Brady is real! ^^ I just hate that Trent and Gwen didn't hook up!!!! D:

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