Hi anyone who's reading this blog, anyway like the title says I wanted to talk about what would happen if Total Drama didn't let anyone return or debut midway through the season. There is a rule though, the episode the contestant is eliminated in will be a non-elimination episode, this is due to the fact that there is no way to tell which episode would be an elimination or not, the only exceptions are if the episode the contestant is eliminated in is a double elimination, the returning or debuting contestant is eliminated in the final three, the episode before that will be a non-elimination, or the contestant was in the finale. So with that out of the way let's start.

Total Drama Island

No Pain, No Game

Okay so this episode is the first in the whole series to feature someone returning, in this case it's two people, Izzy and Eva, Now somethings that would happen in this episode if these two didn't return are that the girls would've most likely kept the tape on the floor because Eva wouldn't be their to intimidate them, another thing that would happen is that Bridgette wouldn't have been targeted by someone the whole episode, these are only some of the things that would happen but lets look at more. One thing that would happen is that Geoff would might not have to go into the barrel of leeches since Lindsay wouldn't be threatened to choose Bridgette to do the challenge, thus Geoff wouldn't have to save her, however it's very possible that since Lindsay wouldn't make a choice if Eva didn't threaten her, as shown by the fact she wasn't going to choose anyone, so seeing as it's completely unknown who would do the dare Geoff will be the one doing it. Now another thing is that in the real episode Bridgette was allowed to pick someone to go into a crate with Sasquatchanakwa, now I think it's obvious that due to Eva's absence Bridgette would pick Heather, whether it be from peer pressure or just Bridgette's conflict with Heather, now the question is would Heather stay in the crate or exit mid-way, I think she might be able to win the challenge just be a little injured, if she wins or loses doesn't matter, what matter is that this would make Heather dislike Bridgette more than she already does so this could put a huge target on Bridgette's back. Other than that I think that the rest of the episode would remain the same, with Leshawna winning the logroll against Molotov. Now like I said in the rules this would be a non-elimination episode due to Eva being the one eliminated in the real version, so Chris would possibly tell the campers that since Leshawna won the trailer, the only problem I see with this is that there would be two non-elimination episodes in a row.

Search and Do Not Destroy

So this episode isn't very affected by the returnees, they didn't really affect much this season, unlike other seasons. One thing that would be different, however, is that Lindsay would never be able to receive her key because Izzy isn't there, Heather most likely wouldn't have helped her so this could cause Lindsay to start losing trust in Heather. Now it is possible that Heather would decide to target Bridgette for what she did yesterday, but I think she'd still target Trent because of his relationship with Gwen, someone who Heather hasn't liked since the beginning. So I'd say that this episode would stay mostly the same except Lindsay would never get her key, Heather would still kiss Trent and Leshawna would still form the alliance to get one of them out, and since Heather has invincibility Trent would still leave.

Hide and Be Sneaky

Now this episode would've been affected majorly if Izzy didn't return as we would've never gotten the first Chef vs Izzy fight, so that would be sad. However, I don't think that much of the episode would change, but the elimination would be more explained, you see since Bridgette decided to make Heather go in the crate with Sasquatchanakwa Heather would probably vote for her, of course she wouldn't say this to the rest of the girls so she'd probably say to vote off Owen but then vote Bridgette in the end, but that's just my thoughts. So yeah Izzy returning doesn't change much, besides taking out one of the greatest scenes in the show, so Bridgette would still probably leave.

That's Off the Chain!

This episode would have a major change happen in it, Izzy wouldn't have been there so Leshawna wouldn't have a bike, and would be present during the challenge. I think that this would mean Leshawna would be eliminated, however, I also think it should be mentioned that Chris would probably not let everyone know this so an episode would still be able to happen, because the bike building part would be way to short, anyway I think the rest would happen the same and Lindsay, not knowing she's safe, would still curse out Heather, but Chris would tell her that she actually is safe and Leshawna is leaving.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

In this episode a thing that would've changed is that Owen and Izzy would've never made out and their relationship wouldn't have happened. Also due to Leshawna leaving last time no one would've gotten brownies, well Lindsay might have, but she probably wouldn't try to fight back against Chef. The elimination would most likely remain the same because Izzy did nothing that affected it, so DJ would still go home.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

This episode wouldn't have many changes, well apart from the fact no one would go home. One change it would have is that Heather would never get tranquilized. Another change is that Lindsay would have to catch either a frog or a deer due to Leshawna and Izzy's absence. Lindsay could possibly catch her animal and Heather would have to clean the bathrooms like in the normal episode, but due to her not getting tranquilized Duncan would probably not help her unless he really wanted an alliance with her. Since this is the episode Izzy goes home in it will be a non-elimination.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

This episode would still have a change in it despite not having Izzy or Eva in it. First off due to Leshawna getting eliminated in That's Off the Chain! Duncan would most likely be partnered up with Lindsay since they seem to be distant from each other and that putting them with anyone else, besides Heather, wouldn't really make sense. The major thing that changes in this episode would be the elimination. I say this because Lindsay is enemies with Heather after That's Off the Chain! so she'd vote for Heather, Duncan would probably still vote for Geoff, Heather would vote for either Gwen or Lindsay, Gwen and Geoff would most likely vote for Heather, and Owen might too. So that would mean Heather gets eliminated instead of Geoff.

Haute Camp-ture

Not much from this episode would change if the Returnees never came back, it's worth mentioning that Geoff and Lindsay wouldn't be at Playa Des Losers instead Heather and Leshawna would, this could make Bridgette do more than just make out since Geoff isn't here. But, a change comes at the elimination ceremony, I could see Heather, upset and jealous she isn't in the final five, start something like what happened with Leshawna like the real series. I could see Heather either saying Gwen or Lindsay's name to trick the others in to saying it. I think that she'd say Lindsay since, she is probably liked more than Gwen so it would be easier to trick people into saying they want her there with them, I also think that Heather would want to get back at Lindsay for cursing her out and calling her shows tacky. So I think that Lindsay would be eliminated in this episode.

Camp Castaways

This episode would have barley anything change from the original, the only thing that would actually even change is that Heather would be replaced by Geoff, this could make the scene where Gwen and Duncan leave on the raft change and have Geoff go with them but that's all I could think of. Owen would still make Mr. Coconut and Mr. Coconut would be eliminated at the end of the episode.

Are We There Yeti?

This episode would actually have some affects due to no returnees. Since Gwen would be the only girl left, it wouldn't be a Boys vs Girls challenge, instead I could see Chef making it be Gwen and Duncan as one team and Geoff and Owen as the other since they have similar personalities. This also would mean that Geoff and Owen would lose since Duncan and Gwen are smarter than them and because of sticky buns. Now this would mean Duncan's safe, so Chef would have to choose to eliminate either Owen or Geoff. I think Chef would eliminated Owen since he ate his sticky buns, which would mean Gwen, Duncan, and Geoff are the final three.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

This is an episode where the things that happened beforehand in the season due to no returnees change many things. First off Gwen is the only person who was originally in the final three, so that's one major difference. The next is you've got three people who seem to be on good terms, well Geoff and Duncan might not me since Duncan got Bridgette out. In the real version Gwen had freebies from Owen but still handled the challenges that she didn't have freebies for pretty well, Duncan seems tough enough to where he'd be able to do this, and Geoff is a party dude who lives life to the fullest so he would probably give a purple nurple to a bear. However if we remember, these challenge are super hard and in No Pain, No Game Geoff wasn't able to stay in a barrel of leeches, so I say he'd most likely go home since we know Gwen would be good at this challenge, Duncan would probably do really good at this challenge, so that means Geoff would be eliminated in this episode.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

This episode, the finale, has one major difference because of no returnees, the difference is that Duncan is in it instead of Owen, which means one of the outcomes would be changed. However, Duncan replacing Owen is all I see changing, and Duncan probably wouldn't eat the muffin that Owen at in the real version. Either way Gwen or Duncan wins the season.

Elimination Order for Total Drama Island

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Ezekiel Killer Bass 22nd Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
Eva Killer Bass 21st The Big Sleep
Noah Screaming Gophers 20th Dodgebrawl
Justin Screaming Gophers 19th Not Quite Famous
Katie Killer Bass 18th The Sucky Outdoors
Tyler Killer Bass 17th Phobia Factor
Izzy Screaming Gophers 16th Up the Creek
Cody Screaming Gophers 15th Paintball Deer Hunter
Beth Screaming Gophers 14th If You Can't Take The Heat...
Sadie Killer Bass 13th Who Can You Trust?
Courtney Killer Bass 12th Basic Straining
Harold Killer Bass 11th X-Treme Torture
Trent Screaming Gophers 10th Search and Do Not Destroy
Bridgette Killer Bass 9th Hide and Be Sneaky
Leshawna Screaming Gophers 8th That's Off the Chain!
DJ Killer Bass 7th Hook, Line, and Screamer
Heather Screaming Gophers 6th Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon
Lindsay Screaming Gophers 5th Haute Camp-ture
Owen Screaming Gophers 4th Are We There Yeti?
Geoff Killer Bass 3rd I Triple Dog Dare You!
Gwen Screaming Gophers 1st/2nd The Very Last Episode, Really!
Duncan Killer Bass

Total Drama Action

The Chefshank Redemption, One Flu Over the Cuckoos, The Sand Witch Project, and Masters of Disasters

Izzy's return in these episodes would change little to nothing except for some Owen and Izzy interactions, this is why they are all in one section.

Full Metal Drama

This episode would actually have a few changes without Izzy returning, the first would be, what happens in the first challenge, someone from the Grips would have to make the explosion, I could see Lindsay trying because of her being the team leader, I doubt Owen or Justin would do it, and I'm not sure about Beth. Either way I think Duncan would still win this part of the challenge for his team. This is the only change I could see, well that and Justin wouldn't need to learn the "Hair Mega-Flip" since he wouldn't need votes against Izzy, this could put him in danger next episode. This episode would also be made a reward challenge due to the rule I like to follow.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

This episode would have a major difference without any returnees or debutees, that difference is that Courtney would never debut, this is not only a major change for the episode, but the season in a whole. Surprisingly though that's the only major change I see this episode having as the Killer Grips didn't really even try that much in the original, and without Courtney they wouldn't have stood any chance whatsoever. The elimination would also most likely stay the same, Justin could possibly find a way to get Lindsay and Beth to vote for Owen, like he did with Izzy in the real version of Full Metal Drama I see Owen still leaving like he did in the original.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

This episode would have many changes without Courtney. One of them being the lack of any Courtney and Duncan interactions. Another change would be Heather wanting Courtney's hair, so no "I'm not Crazy, I'm just bald." line sadly. Also it since there are only three Killer Grips left one of them would have to go twice, my guess of who would be the Grip to go twice would be Lindsay, the reason I think she'd go again is because Beth won her round and Justin would probably convince her to do the challenge instead of him like he did in The Chefshank Redemption. This could change the result of what happens since Lindsay wouldn't kiss Duncan, however it wouldn't matter in the end of the episode as the challenge is a reward challenge.

Million Dollar Babies

This episode would have a major change in Leshawna's whole plot of TDA as Beth would never find Courtney's PDA thus the others wouldn't be able to find out about the things Leshawna said. Now the major question about who's replacing Courtney, seeing as Chris said that they were placed from worst performance in the first challenge to best performance and Justin competed against Leshawna he'd probably also face against Duncan. In my opinion this would actually change the episode significantly as Justin might not want to fight and damage his face causing him to lose to Duncan, and if things played out the same as they did in the real series Justin would also lose to Leshawna. This would cause the Killer Grips to lose and have to send someone home. Now looking at this the elimination is hard to decide, either Beth and Lindsay team up and vote off Justin or Justin convinces Lindsay or Beth to vote with him. While I normally don't acknowledge character roles in this blog I have to say that without Courtney Justin would have to stay to be the season's antagonist, but who would he target? In my opinion I think that he'd target Beth, the reason why I think this would happen is because Beth is believed to be smarter than Lindsay so Justin could see that as a bigger threat, so in the end I think i's safe to say Beth gets eliminated.

Dial M for Merger

So without Beth finding Courtney's PDA and spilling the tea on Leshawna Heather would probably be her only enemy. A change that would happen during he first challenge is that someone else would get the wire-cutters, the question is who would that be? If everyone did what they did in the real version, Heather and Lindsay are the only people I see having a chance. Lindsay because Beth isn't there for her to get stuck in the lasers and Heather because there is no way to tell how she would do in the challenge. Either way one of them would get the wire-cutters and grappling hook. I think hat the second challenge would play out the same because I could see Heather not wanting the stink bombs to blow up so she'd take the chance and give it to Lindsay and if Lindsay had the wire-cutters she would probably cut the blue wire.

Super Hero-ld

This episode would be very different without Courtney, Heather being here also affects the episode as she could either be the Human Cricket or Lumber Woman do to Courtney and Beth's absence. However I don't think it matters what Heather decides to be as I still see Lindsay winning the first challenge. This leaves the second challenge, now unless Heather does exactly what Courtney did, which I don't think would happen, I think Harold will for sure win the challenge as he almost did in the real version. Now here comes elimination, I could see Justin creating the guys alliance like he does in the real version, I think it's also obvious that Heather is going to go home as no one knows that Leshawna said all the things she did and that Courtney isn't there to convince Harold to vote for Leshawna. So in the end Heather would be eliminated.

Elimination Order for Total Drama Action

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
N/A 13th/14th Alien Resurr-eggtion
Izzy/E-Scope Killer Grips 12th Riot On Set
Trent Killer Grips 11th 3:10 to Crazytown
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 10th The Chefshank Redemption
DJ Screaming Gaffers 9th The Sand Witch Project
Owen Killer Grips 8th Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
Beth Killer Grips 7th Million Dollar Babies
Heather Screaming Gaffers 6th Super Hero-ld

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