Hi everybody and I just wanted to talk about something on Netflix a few days ago I was going to watch an episode of Total Drama Island because I was watching a lot of Ridonculous Race but when I went to Total Drama the first episode on their was Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Reunion or what ever it's called a so I pressed minus on the Wii remote and when I did it went to The Final Wreckning.So now I don't have Island or Action on Netflix now I have a DVD set of Island but lost the DVD with the all the merged episode's except for the final 5 ones and I would just watch it online but YouTube on my Wii and X-Box One Buffer and my computer's audio is messed up cause all the voices sound like chipmunks so that means I have to watch it on my iPod which I'm fine with doing but I'm just upset the took those off I'm expecting they're going to put Pahketeiw on there but if they take off World Tour I'm taking Total Drama off my Netflix list so what do you guys think about this. Thank you all for reading.

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