So this blog will be about if contestants were eliminated for not singing, first I want to say that I did add my own rules just so 5 people wouldn't be eliminated in the same episode the rules are:

  • If it's a reward challenge and a contestant doesn't sing they won't be eliminated.
  • Even if the contestant's team is in first or second place they will be eliminated but will be replaced by the person who originally eliminated.
  • Speaking roles will be counted as singing, the are some instances where people 2 people on the same team don't sing 1 but speaks instead, this means the decision of who will go home is easier.
  • In case two people don't sing and the episode isn't a double elimination the person who would be eliminated their normally will be eliminated.
  • If two people on opposing teams don't sing the person who didn't sing and on the team that did worse is eliminated.

Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1

Winners: None

Eliminated: Duncan

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Winners: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Ezekiel

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Winners: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Harold

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Winners: Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Cody

Bridgette is now Cody.

Bridgette is now a member of Team Amazon.

Slap Slap Revolution

Winners: Team Amazon

Eliminated: DJ

Leshanwa is now DJ

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Winners: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Bridgette

Lindsay is now Cody

Lindsay is now a member of Team Amazon

Jamaica Me Sweat

Winners: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Izzy and Leshawna

Note: With Leshawna's elimination Team Victory is now gone.

I See London...

The Teams as of now.

Team Amazon: Courtney, Gwen, Sierra, Heather, and Lindsay.

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot: Tyler, Alejandro, Owen, and Noah.

Winners: Team Amazon

Duncan Returns as a member of Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Eliminated: Tyler

Noah is now Tyler

The EX-Files

Winners: Team Amazon

Eliminated: Noah

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Winners: Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Lindsay

Note: Sierra at least squealed in the original, Cody didn't sing at all.

Niagara Brawls

Winners: Duncan and Courtney

Eliminated: Owen

Chinese Fake-Out

Winner: Sierra

Eliminated: Courtney and Blaineley

African Lying Safari

Winner: Alejandro

Eliminated: Duncan

Note: Since Cody wasn't present for the song in the original, I'll let Gwen be spared this time.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Winner: Sierra

Eliminated: Sierra

Hawaiian Punch

Winner: Heather/Alejandro

Eliminated: Gwen, Alejandro/Heather


Returns: Duncan

18th Place: Ezekiel

17th Place: Harold

16th Place: Cody

15th Place: DJ

14th Place: Bridgette

13th Place: Izzy

12th Place: Leshawna

Duncan Returns

11th Place: Tyler

10th Place: Noah

9th Place: Lindsay


Blaineley Debuts

8th Place: Owen

7th/6th Place: Blaineley

7th/6th Place: Courtney

5th Place: Duncan

4th Place: Sierra

3rd Place: Gwen

2nd/1st Place: Alejandro

2nd/1st Place: Heather

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