So this idea just randomly came to me, what is there was a losers season of Total Drama, so I decided to take the lowest ranking male and female from each season and put them in a season together here's what the cast looks like.

TDI-Ezekiel and Katie

TDA-Bridgette and Geoff

TDWT-Harold and Leshawna

TDROTI-Staci and B

TDAS-Lindsay and Lightning

TDPI-Beardo and Amy Notes: Even though Ezekiel's the lowest ranking male and Bridgette's the lowest ranking female in World Tour, they're already competing so I took the second lowest ranking male and female. Staci has her hair back and Ezekiel's parents got a therapist, so he isn't feral anymore.

Teams-The teams would be decided on who ranked lowest so Ezekiel, Bridgette, Harold, Staci, Lindsay, and Beardo would be on team one, which will be called The Lovely Losers. Team two, which will be called The Devastating Defeats, would have Katie, Geoff, Leshawna, B, Lightning, and Amy. Note: I know that Bridgette and Geoff were eliminated together in TDA but I wanted the teams to have 3 of each gender so Bridgette was put on The Lovely Losers.

Location-Chris would decide to take the contestants to The Abandoned film lot, since Camp Wawanakwa was destroyed and Pahkitew Island was labeled "Too dangerous" by the legal department.

Elimination Ceremony-During the elimination the contestants receive a "Participation Trophy" whoever doesn't receive one has to walk The Walk of Shame and get into the Lame-o-sine.

Episode 1:12 Losers and a New Season

Chris welcomes the 12 contestants back and explains how they'll be staying there for the next 2 weeks. He then splits them up into teams and gives them there first challenge, which is to find a key hidden around the film lot, the key is for the trailers, the first team to do so wins immunity. Leshawna finds it for her team and wins the challenge, however Chris reveals that since it's the first episode, he feels generous and makes it a non-elimination.

Winners-Devastating Defeats.

Episode 2:A Disastrous Set-Up

The contestants get to know each other more and Leshawna and Bridgette start to renew their friendship and Amy makes an alliance with Katie and Lightning. Chris announces that todays challenge is to get parts of sets that are at the top of the disaster movie obstacle course, then once the contestants get enough set decorations to make a film set they have to carry all the set decorations up the large hill, and once the contestants finally get up they have to decorate a film set, first team to do so correctly, wins. Staci talks most of the time rather than competing, B shows off his smarts, and Harold's "mad skills" help him do good in the challenge, in the end the Devastating Defeats win again while the Lovely Losers are sent to the first elimination ceremony of the season.

Winners-Devastating Defeats

Bottom 2-Beardo and Staci

Reason for bottom 2-Beardo mostly made noises that distracted his teammates rather than help them and Staci just annoyed her team by talking.


Episode 3:Control the Beast

In this episode Amy starts a conflict with Bridgette and Leshawna, Ezekiel starts to become friends with Beardo and Lindsay, while Harold and Lightning start to feel dislike towards one and other. Chris announce that the challenge is to find the tent that has the VR suit that controls the monster from Monster Cash and then the team that found it first has to take control of the monster and capture everyone from the other team before the next day. Due to their long stay on season 2 Harold and Lindsay remember where the tent is and lead The Lovely Losers to it, so Amy decides to get her team to follow them, The Lovely Losers make it there first and decide that Harold should control it since he is the smartest on their team. The Devastating Defeats get a 10 minute head start to hide. Amy hides with Katie and Lightning to talk about their alliance and Leshawna decides to hide with Geoff and B to make an alliance to vote out Amy. the monster then comes and finds Amy, Katie and Lightning, and while Lightning and Amy escape, Katie is captured. Amy and Lightning find the other members if their team and tell them what happened. In the control tent Ezekiel starts to fight with Harold so he can have a turn, Beardo, however breaks it up and tells them to calm down. The monster is able to find the Defeats and grabs Geoff, Lightning and B, but B however messes with the wires and cause the monster to freak out. Amy sees this and decides B will be a threat later on so she throws a rock at the wires and the monster falls on all of the Defeats and Chris announce that the Losers have one. Amy blames B for the loss, but B knows what she did.

Winners-Lovely Losers

Bottom 2-B and Amy

Reason for Bottom 2-Leshawna can't stand Amy and B saw what Amy did. Amy can tell B is going to be a threat later on so she convinced her alliance to vote him off.

Eliminated-B Note: Yeah that's B in Total Drama Losers, to be honest he and Staci were only included due to being the two lowest ranking male and female of Revenge of the Island, also it's hard to develop someone who doesn't talk so I felt he needed to go early as everyone else will be more important.

Episode 4:Cry School Musical

All the contestants now have their friends and enemies, Bridgette decides to warn Geoff about Amy, Beardo becomes torn when two of his friends, Harold and Ezekiel, start to fight. Then Chris reveals that the challenge is to put on an emotional musical, related to school, that will make Chef cry. The Defeats all get into fights while the Losers all agree that Lindsay should be team captain because she knows the most about musicals. The Defeats go up first and have it take place at prom they let Leshawna dance which makes Chef laugh instead of cry. Then, during the losers turn it's about two high school students being torn apart when the boy gets expelled, they have Beardo and Harold beatbox, Bridgette sing and then Lindsay and Ezekiel, who Lindsay made dress as Tyler, are the main characters, the musical makes Chef cry and he declares the Losers the winners of the challenge. While walking to the trailers, Amy tries to add Geoff to her alliance but he rejects the offer telling her that he knows what she's up to.

Winners-Lovely Losers

Bottom 2-Geoff and Amy

Reason for Bottom 2-Amy told her alliance to vote for Geoff, while Leshawna and Geoff voted for Amy.

Eliminated-Geoff Note: I was going to let Geoff stay a lot longer but in the end I thought that he really didn't need to, everyone else on the team has a plot, Leshawna and Amy's conflict and Amy's Alliance, not to mention Geoff already won Ridonculous Race.

Episode 5:The Great Sand Maze Escape

In this episode Lindsay learns about Leshawna and Bridgette's Conflict with Amy and sides with her friends. Katie starts to get a crush in Lightning, while Harold starts to become better friends with Beardo. Chris then announces that today the challenge will be to balance on the surf board from Beach Blanket Bogus, but with a twist, which is that the whole team will be on the board at the same time, while the other team will throw things at them, whichever team has a member stay on the board the longest wins. During the Losers turn on the board, Amy keeps bossing Leshawna around and that causes Leshawna to throw Amy at the Losers, this knocks Beardo, Harold, Ezekiel and Lindsay off the board, but Bridgette manages to stay on for 30 seconds. When the Defeats are on the board, Beardo makes noises and it causes Amy to jump off and slap him, Katie just watches Lightning and he gets knocked off after someone, throws a camera at him this causes Katie to jump down to check on him. Leshawna tries to stay on but in the end Ezekiel something at her, this cause Harold to chase Ezekiel for hitting "his love." Chris then tallies the scores and reveals that the winners are the Lovely Losers, and they get a reward in part two of the challenge. Part two is to find your way out of a giant prop sandcastle, The Lovely Losers get a map of the castle. Ezekiel has the map but Amy tricks him into giving it to her, Ezekiel falls for this and gives her the map, The Devastating Defeats are able to win the challenge.

Winners-Devastating Defeats

Bottom 2-Ezekiel and Harold

Reason for Bottom 2-Ezekiel likes Harold the least of all his teammates and Ezekiel caused his team to lose the challenge.


Episode 6:Dramatraz Prison

During the middle of the night one member from each team is taken by Chef an locked in a cell from the prison movie set, Chris then wakes the campers up telling them that their challenge is to free their member from a cell in the prison set while avoiding Chef, disguised as a murderer, Chris will also be controlling many things such as the Lights, cells, and a few traps. Amy and Leshawna decide that they'll be put their differences aside to win the challenge. Harold, Beardo, and Lindsay all work together to find Bridgette, but then Beardo, decides to check a cell and gets locked in it, Harold and Lindsay can't free him so he tells them to continue the challenge. While the Defeats are looking for lightning, Chef comes around the corner with a paintball gun, Amy and Leshawna get away but while running Katie falls into a trap door. Lindsay and Harold who are still looking for Bridgette find a dummy that is meant to look like a dead intern and then the lights go off, Lindsay then screams and when the lights come back on Harold is all alone, but he sees a transparent blue thing floating around. Leshawna and Amy find a postcard that says "SAVE ME!" in big red letters, this causes Amy to panic and she runs into a cell and, just like Beardo gets trapped, but in the cell next to Amy, Leshawna sees a skeleton that has an inmate outfit on, this starts to make Leshawna think that the prison set was always a real prison. Meanwhile Harold is spooked when he finds a puddle of reddish-brownish paint, that he believes is blood, but very close to the puddle is Bridgette's cell, Harold is about to free her but Chef sneaks up behind him and locks him in another cell. Chris then announces that since the Lovely Losers have lost all players the Devastating Defeats win today's challenge.

Winners-Devastating Defeats.

Bottom 2-Bridgette and Beardo

Reason for Bottom 2-Bridgette was captured so she wasn't really able to help and Beardo got captured first.

Tiebreaker-Lindsay and Bridgette voted for Beardo while Harold and Beardo voted for Bridgette so Chris reveals that the tiebreaker will be a throwback to the prison challenge in season 2 and they have to push a laundry cart, full of rocks to the finish line. Beardo is able to complete this first and Bridgette is eliminated.

Eliminated-Bridgette Note: Bridgette originally was going to merge but I then realized that there would be 5 1st generation competitors,that I'd be fine with having this because I love the first generation but I needed to give the other generation characters a chance to shine.

Episode 7:Drive or Explode

In this episode Harold and Beardo make an alliance to get to the final 2 and Leshawna tries to make an alliance with Lindsay. Chris reveals that the campers challenge is for the teams to find a go-kart in a movie studio then to drive to the bank heist set get wire-cutters to disarm a stink-bomb attached to their go-kart by cracking a safe, after that they have to get drive the go kart back to the cast trailers, first team to do this wins immunity. The Defeats are the first to find the go-kart but the Losers quickly follow. Both teams get to the bank heist movie set at the same time and start trying to crack the safe, the Defeats have trouble as Lightning tries ramming his head into it, Amy and Leshawna bicker, and Katie takes care of Lightning. The Losers are also having a hard time but Lindsay notices an air vent that she can fit in a she takes the wire-cutters out. Harold and Beardo are surprised by this and praise her. While Harold's trying to disarm the bomb Lindsay mentions how it was the blue wire last time, Harold tries this and it works. The Losers are then able to secure a victory amnd the Defeats lose. While talking to Katie Amy finds out about Katie's crush on Lightning, so she deems Katie useless because if she brings them to the final three and loses Katie and Lightning would team up to get her out.

Winners-Lovely Losers

Bottom 3-Amy, Katie, and Leshawna

Reason for Bottom 3-Leshawna voted for Amy, Amy was able to get Lightning to vote for Katie, and Amy told Katie to vote for Leshawna.


Episode 8:Glide Pahk to the Island

Chris announces that the remaining contestants have made the merge. He also announce that he was able to convince the legal department to let them have one challenge at Pahkitew Island, and that as part one for the challenge they have to pair up and get into gliders and glide to the island. Harold and Beardo team up, Lindsay and Leshawna team up, and Amy teams up with Lightning. Lindsay and Leshawna are the first team to get to the island, followed by Lightning and Amy, and in last are Harold and Beardo. Chris reveals that part 2 of the challenge is to forage for food in pairs, the pairs are decided by who each person glided with. Lightning doesn't help Amy that much as he instead spends his time looking a all the robotic things, and he messes with a wire witch causes the island to start freaking out like it previously did. Leshawna once again tries to finalize get an alliance with Lindsay, and Lindsay replies by saying yes but instead of it being called an alliance, it should just be called a friendship. Beardo and Harold have the hardest time looking for food because of the constant environmental changes. In the end Lindsay and Leshawna are able to find the most food, because they're the only team that didn't face that big of problems, unlike Harold and Beardo, and they worked together, unlike Lightning and Amy. Chris reveals that it will be a reward challenge today to congratulate the contestants for making it to the merge, Chris also reveals that the reward for winning the challenge is a feast of all the foraged food for Leshawna and Lindsay.

Winners-Lindsay and Leshawna

Reward-A feast.

Episode 9:Cowboys and Aliens...and Monsters

In this episode the final six are told to go to the western movie set, where Chris reveals that their challenge is to get alien eggs, much like the challenge form Alien Resurr-eggtion , but this time they not only have to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls but they now have to lasso the eggs to pick them up and they have to get a total of 5 eggs into the saloon of the western movie set, which is guarded by the monster, Chef is also lurking in the alien movie set. Amy decides to stick with Lightning as he's dumb enough to distract the monster. Leshawna, Lindsay, Harold, and Beardo decide to go together, because they're all friends. Amy and Lightning are the first 2 people to find the eggs and luckily for them aren't faced with any problems, Lightning was able to get 2 while Amy was able to get 1. Once they get to the saloon the monster stops them but Amy tells lightning to distract it while she puts the eggs in, Lightning listens and distracts the monster long enough so Amy can get in, once in the saloon Amy finds six buckets each with a competitor's face on it,, she puts her egg and both of Lightning's in her basket, with an evil grin. Harold, Beardo, Leshawna, and Lindsay are all running out with 2 eggs each when chef stops them, Lindsay throws her eggs at Chef's face which causes him to chase her, Lindsay runs away screaming, while Leshawna, Beardo, and Harold get to the saloon. The monster almost stomps on Harold, but he leaps out of the way, but he dropped his eggs and they get crushed. Leshawna and Beardo, however are able to deposit their eggs and run back into the alien movie set. Chef catches Lindsay in a dead end, but she convinces him to talk about his feelings. While the 2 of them are doing this Amy is able to successfully take 2 more eggs and win the challenge. Lightning is confused as to how Amy got 5 eggs while she only was able to get 3, this causes him to figure out that she betrayed him.



Reason for Elimination-Now that he knew that Amy was playing him he was useless to her and she was able to convince Harold and Beardo that he's a threat. Lightning wasted his vote on Amy since he didn't like her, but since she was safe there wasn't a bottom 2.

Episode 10:Eat, Run, and Spin

Chris awakens the final five by showing all of them a feast of food chef had prepared and that part 1 of the challenge is to eat said food. The food includes chef's pancakes, Chef's mystery meat, Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails, and more disgusting meals. Amy asks what they get if they finish first. Chris says that it's a surprise and waits for everyone to finish. Once everyone's done Chris surprises them by saying that there isn't a reward for finishing first, which was something Beardo managed to do, and that part 2 of the challenge is to run through the obstacle course from masters of disaster, while Chef makes the earthquake tremors constantly happen, Chris also mentions that if you throw up you are disqualified from the challenge and whoever reaches the top first wins immunity. Leshawna, focuses most of her time on making sure Amy doesn't get to the top first and tells Lindsay to get to the top. Harold decides to just go straight through it, and Beardo decides to stay at the bottom until the others throw up, which he believes will happen. While running up the obstacle course Amy punches Harold in the gut, causing him to throw up and be disqualified. Leshawna then pushes Amy down the course, which makes Amy attack Leshawna, while the 2 are fighting Lindsay reaches the top and wins immunity. Chris then reveals that for part 3 of the challenges Beardo, Amy, and Leshawna all have to get in the vomit comet, Harold was disqualified from the challenge and Lindsay already won immunity, and whoever stays in the longest without barfing also wins immunity. Leshawna goes first and barfs after only 15 seconds. Beardo goes next and is able to stay in for 25 seconds. Amy is the final person to go, and surprisingly, is able to stay in for 26 seconds, giving her immunity.

Winners-Lindsay and Amy

Bottom 2-Beardo and Leshawna

Reason for Bottom 2-Beardo wasn't going to vote for his new friend Harold, so he decided that he had to vote for Leshawna, along with Amy. Lindsay and Leshawna voted for Beardo since they know Harold more, Harold also voted him off to stay loyal to "His Luscious Leshawna"

Eliminated-Beardo Note: So that was Beardo in Total Drama Losers, now he was a character whose placement was thrown all over the place he went from 10th, to 8th, to even being a finalist, as I thought it would be ironic. I then decided this would be his perfect placement as I wanted him to develop but I realized he isn't finalist material really.

Episode 11:They Love Them or Hate Them

The contestants are all in their trailers when Chris calls for them outside. Once they all go outside they see a cage, covered by a curtain, Chris pulls the curtain off and reveals a contestant they've had major interactions with. For Leshawna it's Heather, for Amy it's Samey, for Harold it's Duncan, and for Lindsay it's Tyler. Chris then states that the challenge will be split into 2 different parts, whoever wins the part will get 2 points, 2nd place will get 1, and 3rd and 4th will get 0, whoever has the most points wins, for part 1 the contestants have to fight the person in the boxing ring from Million Dollar Babies. Lindsay is up first but she says how she won't fight Tyler. Tyler says that he won't fight her either so Chris tells them to get out of the ring. Harold is up next and once in the ring Duncan starts to run toward him, Harold moves out and once Duncan gets close enough Harold karate chops him in the face. Leshawna is next and easily tackles Heather. Amy is last and Samey, remembering everything that Amy has done, quickly beats Amy. Chris then announces that Leshawna got 1st, since she beat her opponent the quickest, Harold gets 2nd, and Lindsay and Amy both get last. In part 2 the contestants have to save whoever their "guest" is from the princess tower from chef ,who is at the top, the first person to successfully do this wins 2 points, while the person who was closest to saving them receives 1. Lindsay is very motivated to save Tyler, while Leshawna only wants to save Heather for immunity, Harold and Amy however are very unmotivated. While Lindsay and Leshawna are making their way to the top Chris starts shooting habanero pepper sauce at them, this hits Leshawna in the Eyes causing to fall, but luckily she lands on a mattress that was placed at the bottom of the tower, Lindsay, however is unaffected by this as she only cares about getting Tyler. Once Lindsay reaches the top she is attacked by Chef, who accidentally knocks one of the poles that's holding the tower up down. This causes the tower to start to fall. Harold and Amy notice this and start to climb, along with Leshawna who's now recovered, Lindsay, however, grabs Tyler and pulls him out of the tower and they both fall on the mattress. Leshawna grabs Heather and jumps out the tower. Amy and Harold do the same then the tower falls. On the ground Samey asks Amy why she saved her and Amy replies by admitting that she really does care about Samey but doesn't like showing it because she thinks it makes her look weak, the 2 then hug. Chris then calculates the points and announces that the winner of the challenge was Leshawna with 3 total points.


Bottom 2-Amy and Harold

Reason for Bottom 2-Everyone dislikes Amy and Amy knows that Harold is smarter than Lindsay.

Eliminated-Amy Note: So there goes the antagonist of Total Drama Losers. Now the main reason I'm making this note is for if people don't really understand what Amy's karma is. Amy's karma wasn't physical but instead it was the fact that she lost to Samey in the boxing match and then, on live television, admitted to actually caring about her. The karma might not be the best but I didn't think Amy needed a major physical karma.

Episode 12:Row, Row, Row your Raft

The final three wake up at Pahkitew Island and confused ask Chris what's going on. Chris tells them that their challenge is to get back to the film lot on a raft built by themselves they also are each given a GPS that will lead them back to the lot, the last person there gets eliminated. Harold decides to build a raft with a sail, Leshawna builds a normal raft, and Lindsay uses a vine to tie 4 planks of wood together to make a raft. While Lindsay and Leshawna start to leave, Harold is trying to find something to use as a sail. Lindsay keeps going while Leshawna stops to see if Harold's anywhere near them. Harold finally gets a sail and finally gets going. Leshawna decides to start moving again but Harold comes behind her moving fast, he tries to turn his raft buts he ends up crashing into Leshawna, Leshawna's raft breaks entirely while half of Harold's remains. Lindsay, who started to sun bathe crashes into a rock, it breaks and Lindsay kneels on a piece of wood, grabs an oar and starts paddling. Harold's raft starts to sink due to the bottom being broken. He and Leshawna make a small raft out of some pieces of drift wood and start to go, they manage to catch up to Lindsay, who is tired from all the paddling, but when she sees them coming she doesn't give up. Everyone is then close to the film lot, where they see Chris and Chef on a boat in front of the lot and Chef's holding a checkered flag, Lindsay, Leshawna, and Harold are neck and neck when, from low support, Harold and Leshawna's raft breaks into 2 pieces, Lindsay is then able to get to the boat and win a spot in the final 2, Harold and Leshawna are both trying their hardest, but then Harold drops his oar and Leshawna makes it to the boat, coming in second place.


Eliminated-Harold Note: That's right I decided to have a girl vs girl finale this season, I thought it could finally even out the odds from Revenge of the Island.

Episode 13:And the Best Loser is...

The Final 2, Lindsay and Leshawna are awoken bye Chris and told to go the Awards Ceremony area. Once they get there they see all pass contestants, even the who didn't compete in this season, sitting in two peanut galleries one has the other 10 who competed in this season and the other one has everybody who didn't compete in the season. Chris then reveals that for the last challenge the final two will run around the film lot to where past challenges were held and they have to collect pieces of a golden statue of themselves. Leshawna and Lindsay first have to go to the city set where they find a wheel barrel to put the pieces of the statue. They then have to go up the disaster obstacle course, where they find the first piece. After that they have to go to the room where the monster's VR suit is controlled and get the second piece. Next they must run up the hill for the next piece. They then have to go to the sand set to get the fourth piece. The next piece is located in the prison set. After that they both have to go to the studios and get the piece. Leshawna and Lindsay then both have to go where the gliders were. Then to get the next piece they have to get an egg, that's guarded by Chef, and bring it to the saloon and get a piece from an intern. Next they have to ride in the vomit comet to get a piece. After that they have to climb the princess tower and collect the next piece. Finally they have to get to where the boat was located, jump in the boat and get the last piece. The final 2 then have to make it to the stage of the awards ceremony and build their statue, while Chef is throwing things at them, the first person to do this wins the million dollars. Leshawna and Lindsay are neck and neck and Leshawna is about to place her head on the statue but Chef throws a medicine ball at the statue causing it to fall apart, Lindsay is then able to put her head on her statue and Chris announces that she's won. Tyler runs up to the stage and kisses Lindsay, Harold walks up to Leshawna and says that she tried her best and would've won if it weren't for the medicine ball. Everyone is then standing in front of the trailers of the film lot and Chris gives Lindsay her money, Chef then shoots Chris into the water in front of the lot with a paintball gun, making everyone laugh. Chris then signs of season 6 of the show and states how the audience should be prepared for another season soon.

Alternate Ending

Leshawna is going to place her head on the statue, but Chef throws a medicine ball at her, luckily for her though she drops the head right at the statue and Chris announces that she wins the million dollars, Harold runs up to the stage and congratulates her and Tyler walks up to the stage and tells Lindsay that she tried her best he then kisses her and tells her that she still did amazing. Everyone is then standing in front of the trailers of the film lot and Chris gives Leshawna her money, Chef then shoots Chris into the water in front of the lot with a paintball gun, making everyone laugh. Chris then signs of season 6 of the show and states how the audience should be prepared for another season soon.

Winner-Lindsay / Leshawna

Eliminated-Leshawna, in Lindsay's ending / Lindsay, in Leshawna's ending Notes: Okay so I know this probably isn't the best finale but it's the best I could come up with. Also I just wanted to state my reasoning behind the winner. The reason Lindsay won was because she was definitely the best "Loser" as she's competed in more seasons than the others, has made it to the merge twice, the only other "Loser" to do this is Leshawna, also the only reason she was in this season is because she was the first out in All-Stars, which is meant to be the best of the best competing, so I'd say that without a doubt she is the best "Loser." I also want to explain the reasoning behind Leshawna, she's in the finale because she's one of the contestants, who is only here because of one season, her versus Lindsay is probably the most realistic finale, and I wanted to even out the boy to girl finalist ratio. But thank you all for reading this blog. Please comment your thoughts down below.

Fun Trivia

  • If this was an actual season it would mark Lindsay's 5th time competing meaning that she has competed in more seasons than any other contestant.
  • This season would also mark Lightning's 3rd time competing, making him be the only Revenge of the Island contestant to compete in more than 2 seasons.
  • Not counting Ridonculous Race, this would make Amy and Beardo be the only Pahkitew Island contestants to compete in more than 1 season.
    • If one counts Ridonculous Race Leonard, Beardo, and Amy would be the only three contestants from Pahkitew Island to compete in more than 1 season.
      • Coincidentally, they were the first 3 eliminated from Pahkitew Island.
  • This Season would mark Katie's second time competing meaning that Sadie, Eva, and Blanieley would be the only first generation contestants who have only competed in 1 season.
    • Episode 1 also marks the first time since The Sucky Outdoors that Katie has competed.
  • This season marks B and Staci's 2nd time competing meaning that Dawn, Dakota, Anne Maria, and Brick are the only Revenge of the Island contestants to compete in only one season.
  • DJ is the only member of Team Victory not competing.
    • Coincidentally he was the highest ranking member of the team.
  • Episode 5 marks the first time Ezekiel has gotten a single digit ranking.
  • Episode 6 marks the first time Bridgette has gotten a single digit ranking.
  • Episode 7 marks the first time Katie has gotten a single digit ranking.
    • Coincidentally they are all members of the Killer Bass
  • Leshawna and Lindsay are the only 2 members of the first generation of the season to not be part of the Killer Bass.
    • Coincidentally they also were the only Screaming Gophers on Team Victory.
  • Episode 8 marks the first time Amy and Beardo have made the merge, the second time Harold and Lightning have made it to the merge, and the 3rd time Lindsay and Leshawna have made it to the merge.
  • Episode 8 also marks the first time any 1st generation and 2nd generation contestants have stepped on Pahkitew Island.
  • With Lightning's elimination in episode 9 all 2nd generation contestants competing have been eliminated.
  • With Amy's elimination in episode 11 all 3rd generation contestants competing have been eliminated.
  • With Harold's Elimination in episode 12 all male contestants have been eliminated.
    • This also marks the first time a finale has only had girls in it.
  • Episode 10 marks the first time Beardo has gotten a single digit ranking.
  • Episode 11 marks the first time Amy has gotten a single digit ranking.

Elimination Gallery

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