Okay so I know I'm late on this but since The Ridonculous Race has recently been released on Netflix I decided to make a review blog about it. In this review I will be covering the teams, host, and episodes. So let's start this review!


The Ridonculous Race is a new show and with that we get a new host, that new host is Don, and is he a good one. So as a host Don show concern for the contestants and he gives teams penalties for good reasons. There really isn't to much to say about Don, which is a good thing because it gives the contestants more time in the spotlight, but really that's all I have to say about Don, he's a great Host and I want another season of Ridonculous Race so we can see him more.


I'll be reviewing the teams in the way they were eliminated not the way I rank them, I just want to make that clear.


The LARPers are the first out of the race and I was actually kind of sad about this, so this team consists of Leonard from Total Drama Pahkitew Island and his friend Tammy. They don't do that much during their time on the show but I found them really funny, especially Tammy's confetti throwing scenes. Now I wanted to say something about Leonard in Pahkitew Island he was a lot more annoying but in this he was really funny in my opinion, I think it might have something to do with Dave not being present but that's just me. Overall I think that the LARPers were a really good team despite their super short stay.

Tennis Rivals

The Tennis Rivals, Gerry and Pete, are the second team out of the race, and I was not at all surprised. I didn't expect Gerry and Pete to get it far, being long time rivals I suspected they'd be early outs. Now they both have a fair share of funny lines, but they just don't seem super appealing to me, I didn't mind their early elimination at all. Overall, while funny at times, the Tennis Rivals were okay, but I definitely prefer other teams.


The next team we have are the Geniuses, Ellody and Mary, this team probably had less screen time than the LARPers. I really don't have anything to say about them, I liked Ellody's "I never wing!" line from Mediterranean Homesick Blues. Overall they're obvious fodder and I really like how ironic their elimination was.


I actually really like the Vegans, Laurie and Miles, and was really upset to see them go. First off I love their designs, I don't know why but I just do. I also really liked some of Miles lines like "Take hikes not humps!" and "I am totally scratching sharks off my preservation list." I honestly felt bad for them when Dwayne took their fossil and they had to eat ther feast. I also thought they should've stayed longer, not to much longer but just enough to resolve Laurie's meat eating plot. Overall I really liked this team and think they deserved to stay a little longer.

Fashion Bloggers

The Fashion Bloggers, Tom and Jen, are 2 amazing characters. First, they both are hilarious I always laugh so hard during the yacht scene in Mediterranean Homesick Blues and when they're running through the geyser field and Jen's scream breaks the camera in Bjorken Telephone. Then their whole little plot in A Tisket, a Tasket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket was amazing, does anyone else think that you could just change "Fashion Blog" to "Total Drama" during that conflict, or is it just me? Overall 2 amazing characters who definitely deserved more screen time.

Mother and Daughter

Kelly and Taylor, the Mother and Daughter, are 2 really good characters in my opinion, their really just Amy and Samey just with it being a Mother and Daughter instead of twins and these 2 actually get their plot resolved. So the story behind these 2 is that Taylor, who's been spoiled her entire life, has no respect for her mother, Kelly, and treats her like trash. Now after what I just said you'd think I hated Taylor, right? Well I don't I actually really liked her, if I had to hate anyone it'd be her dad since he seems to be the one that spoils her more. I also really liked Kelly, who's an obvious parody of Regina George's mom from Mean Girls, especially at the end of Hawaiian Honeyruin. Overall this was a great team, their plot didn't drag, they had good moments, and had a great way of ending their plot.

Adversity Twins

Now we have Mickey and Jay, the Adversity Twins, and this is a team I don't care for at all, they aren't extremely awful but they aren't good either, luckily they didn't pull another underdog story, the only plot they really had was an alliance with the Sisters but that only lasted one episode. Overall this team was mediocre, they didn't do anything that stood out to me, but I'm happy they didn't do a whole underdog story.


Chet and Lorenzo, the Stepbrothers, are the prime example of plots dragging. All they do is fight, like really most of their scenes are them just them tackling each other, I'm honestly surprised on how long they lasted, I really want to know how they did the all ins. Overall a team with 2 awful characters who are annoying and have a plot that drags.


The Rockers, Rock and Spud, is a team that I have mixed feelings for, you see really like Rock, I mean sure some of his air guitar scenes got annoying fast, but I was rooting for him. Now the other member, Spud, is a character I can't stand sure he did good in a couple of challenges but he was just an awful friend to Rock at first. Overall they were okay, Rock was fine, though annoying at times, and Spud was just awful at the beginning, but got better at the end of the race.

Father and Son

This is one of my favorite teams, it consists of Dwayne and Dwayne Junior, who's just called Junior, and they are amazing characters. Dwayne takes the role of pain magnet of the season while Junior is just amazing. According to Dwayne, they joined the race to have some Father and Son time together. One of my favorite moments from them is in Bjorken Telephone, the moment is when Junior asks Dwayne what his birthday is and Dwayne says "Summertime" and Junior replies by saying "October." Most people may see this line as Dwayne being a bad dad, but I see this line as showing how much they do need to spend more time together and it proves Dwayne's reason for why the entered the race. Overall this was an amazing that had great development, one of the greatest characters of the season, and a great plot.

Reality TV Pros

The next team is the Reality TV Pros, it consists of Total Drama contestants Noah and Owen. This, much like Rock and Spud is a team I have mixed feelings about, Noah was turned into a complete lovesick puppy and wasn't good at all, while Owen was actually amazing. In a Tisket, a Tasket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Noah sees Emma preforming gymnastics and becomes attracted to her, he spends the rest of the season trying to win her heart, which is a good plot but he becomes a lovesick puppy, I will though say that we never saw Noah attracted to someone before so this is probably just the way he handles it, but I still am not a fan of him in this spinoff. Owen, on the other hand is amazing, it was really cool to see him have to take charge of his team in Noah's "broken" state and shows that he can be serious at times. Overall this team was made amazing by Owen, Noah wasn't good and wasn't that enjoyable.


Crimson and Ennui, the Goths, are comedy gold, they're both goth teenagers and I love them. At first Crimson and Ennui don't do much, the first words we here from Crimson are in episode 5 and also are Icelandic, but even then they have a few great moments, such as Crimson scaring the sharks in the Mediterranean. In the episode I love Ridonc and Roll they both get "ungothed" and reveal that they have been dating for 3 years, this means that they've been dating as long as Lindsay and Tyler, and Geoff and Bridgette have. Close to the end of that episode, while they're about to quit, they are in a cab and after stating they love each other on the inside, then they look at each other and show that the really love each other, this shows how strong this couple is. Also I need to mention their 3rd member, Loki, in the episode Down and Outback during the challenge they find a black bunny, make it look goth, and say that he's a new member of the team, Loki is just as funny as Crimson and Ennui in my opinion. Overall I think that this was an amazing team who were both hilarious and are actually kind of deep.


The next team is The Daters, Stephanie and Ryan, both of them are enjoyable characters, but they had their plot drag. At the start of the race they are essentially Total Drama Action Bridgette and Geoff, but unlike them they both still focus on the competition. Stephanie is like Courtney, she's obsessed with winning, while Ryan isn't, this puts a strain on their relationship to the point of them breaking up. Then they start hating each other, though in China they actually end up winning and decide to keep hating each other. On many instances we see them show that they still love each other. They end up making up when they get eliminated and, despite losing, end up staying together. Overall I think the Daters are a good team, but they have a plot that drags.

Best Friends

Carrie and Devin, the Best Friends, are both 2 characters who I thought would win. Devin is pretty boring and doesn't interact with many people, but Carrie is a different story, Carrie is funny at times, interacts with many people, and I feel sorry for her multiple times. Their plot is that Carrie and Devin have been best friends forever, basically and Carrie has a crush on Devin, however Devin has a girlfriend named Shelly, in the episode Shawshank Ridonc-tion they win a reward to call a loved one, Devin decides to call Shelly, she ends up breaking up with him and for the next episodes Devin goes through the stages of heartbreak. Devin later realizes he loves Carrie but Carrie decides that she doesn't love Devin anymore, they go through this plot for the next few episodes until they are eliminated, but they do kiss and it' is a really nice moment. Overall I think the Best Friends are a nice team but had their plot drag, I also hated the whole stages of heartbreak thing.


Now onto my favorite team of the spinoff, the Sisters, Emma and Kitty, I am going to be honest here, I think this team should've been in the final 2. First of all they have 2 great characters, Kitty, who's just full of life and just seems like she'd be fun to be around and Emma, who at first seems very cold and only cares about the competition but at the end is much nicer and actually isn't upset about their elimination. Second of all they had so much development, especially Emma, as I said above Emma doesn't seem to care about Kitty and only about the race at first but changes so much at the end, and one of her lines from Mediterranean Homesick Blues proves it, in the episode she states how she's happy that she was swimming in the shark-infested water and not Kitty saying that they'd get disqualified, then later on in the season when Kitty falls down a hill on an emu Emma shows so much concern for her and immediately runs down to save her also in Bahamarama, after they lose she hugs Kitty and states that she's just happy that her sister's okay and is fine about losing. They also are part of the Noah and Emma plot that I talked about earlier, this is actually what makes Emma stop focusing on the race as much and also gives us amazing Owen and Kitty interactions. Overall I think this was the best team of the spinoff and that they deserved to be in the final 2.

Ice Dancers

The next team is The Ice Dancers, Jacques and Josee, and they are amazing. They're 2 ice dancers who are obsessed with winning and will do anything to win. Josee was a character who was basically raised that if you don't get gold, you fail, Josee is also the more crazy one of the duo. Jacques is more calm but just as obsessed with winning and just as deceptive as Josee. The 2 have an amazing rivalry with the Police Cadets. Also they have a curse plot because Josee loses her lucky rabbit's foot and gets a Hawaiian Lava Rock, this causes them to keep getting 4th until the Goths tell them about it and they get rid of it in Hawaii, they end up coming in last but are safe due to no elimination happening. The team's downfall comes in the final episode when they get 3rd place and are eliminated, this fits their characters perfectly. Overall Jacques and Josee are 2 great characters and it was really fun to watch them go through the season.


Now we have the Surfers, which consist of Geoff from Total Drama Island and his friend Brody. There really isn't much to say about these 2, Geoff seems like the way he did in Total Drama Island and Brody is basically a dumber Geoff. Brody has a blot with MacArthur, which is nice to see. Sadly they don't really ever talk to the Reality TV Pros. They come back right before the finale to take the place of the best friends, which is completely unfair in my opinion and they end up being in the final 2. Overall Geoff and Brody were ok characters but didn't deserve to win.

Police Cadets

We have reached the final team, the Police Cadets, Sanders and MacArthur. This team is amazing. At the start of the race MacArthur is a ruthless towards Sanders, who is much more calm. They have a rivalry with the Ice Dancers and it's very enjoyable to watch. MacArthur is also super funny and so is Sanders at times. In Shawshank Ridonc-tion they come in last but end up being safe since it's a non-elimination round. In Got Venom? they are saved from the komodo dragons by Brody and Geoff, which I found pretty funny. In How Deep is Your Love? MacArthur breaks Sander's arm for being too ruthless and learns that she has to be more calm. They end up being in the final 2. Overall Sanders and MacArthur are 2 amazing, funny characters and deserved to win.

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