So today is technically my Wikiversary, I say technically because while I've been a member since 2015 it wasn't active till near the end of last year but I'm celebrating it today because I want to. I remember I joined this wiki just to make a blog, that is now very outdated as my thoughts have changed, about how I thought Revenge of the Island should've gone down, I then visited the wiki every so often to read different blogs or look at pages. Then one day last year I made a blog called Total Drama Losers, a fan season that I came up with out of nowhere, it got some nice comments and it made me want to explore the wiki more, so I decided to go on chat one day and everyone was really nice so I decided to stay and started going on chat way more often and I made some really good friends.

Speaking of friends I wanted to name some people who have been a really great friends on the wiki, don't be offended if you aren't on here, it just means I haven't really spent enough time with you to really get to know you.

Katie- Where can I start with Katie, she really has been a great friend on the wiki and helped me so many times to win RBW's Survivor Sim. Also she makes great Total Drama Sims, I mean Sims from Sims games not actual Total Drama simulators. She also has a great sense of humor. (Don's Booty and her description of Katie in her rankings.) She is really just a great person and I am very happy I can call her my friend.

RBW- RBW is really one of the best users here, he has great opinions, I seriously thought we might've been the same person when I first saw his opinions on Lindsay and Tyler, but then I found out he was more of a king than I am. He also is hilarious when it comes to his baby Tyler, don't stop toesucking him. RBW is also such a nice user to talk to. Not to mention how much work he does for the wiki.

Geo- Geo go vote yourself off of something, I know how much you love doing it. Geo is really such a cool user to be around, I love having a rivalry with him and make jokes about him voting for himself. Also he is super iconic, voting for himself (Like I already mentioned), always being on mobile, and always leaving and re-entering chat. Geo is a really great friend and person.

Gogo- Gogo is probably the nicest user on the wiki, she's funny and always great to talk to. She also was the first user I ever even talked to on chat. Not to mention her relationship with Dark, which is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Also she's made me want to try bubble tea, which I still have to do by the way. Anyway Gogo is just such a nice user here and I love talking to her.

Art- Art is a great user, he is also probably one of the smartest users on the wiki. He has one of the best stories on the wiki (Total Drama Horror). Not to mention he made the great "Say Something Positive About..." blog, which was a very smart idea and it showed that even the worst things in the show can have really good things in them or happen because of them.

Mo- Mo is such a cool user. He's really fun to talk to. He's a Lyler fan and also a Cod fan, which means he has great opinions. He is also very strategic in RBW's Survivor Sim. Also I remember he made RBW go psycho in Season 22 of said sim. Also I like his relationship, even though I made it up and he nor the other person in it had anything to do with it, with Glenn. Overall Mo is a great user.

Glenn- Glenn is a great user. I love his Wikivision activity. He also is very funny and is the best at doing one thing, and that one thing is spilling the tea. Glenn also, like I said about Mo, I like his relationship with Mo, which once again he nor Mo have anything to do with and I made up.

Sarah- Sarah is probably one of the funniest users ever. Her jokes always make me laugh. She also is nice to talk to, fun to be around, and just an great user to be a friend of.

TRR- TRR is such a great user, he makes great art, and is the biggest fan of Gaga I've ever met, she actually used to be my favorite singer. He actually has made me start to kind of ship Dakota and Trent. Also I wanted to congratulate him on his recent promotion.

Chewy- Chewy is King, that is all I have to say. Okay there are actually a lot more good things to say about him. One being that he likes Harley Quinn which is amazing, but who doesn't like her. He also is a great chat mod.

Now here are people who, while I feel like I don't know them that well, I still would like to mention.

Dark- He's really cool, also his relationship with Gogo is so amazing.

Mint- She is super funny and never fails to make me laugh

Jack- He's a cool and great user.

Max- He is super nice and cool to be around.

G+T- He's nice and was a great Survivor host.

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