Blueant, Blu or Blue for short, was a contestant on Raised By Wolve's Survivor Sim he debuted in Season 14 he was placed on Team Aqua. He later returned as a contestant in Season 15. He returned once again in Season 16.


Season 14: 4th

Season 15: 7th

Season 16: 8th

Season 17: 3rd

Season 14

Blueant22 was a contestant on the 14th Season of RBW’s Survivor

Episode 1

Blueant was the last member to be placed on a team, which was Team Aqua. Then during the gun challenge he shot MrQuest17 and was shot by a member of the opposing team. His team then lost and he was sent to the first elimination ceremony of the season. During the Elimination he voted for Epic and was in the bottom 2 with him, Epic, however, received the final marshmallow and Blueant was the first person voted off of the season.

Episode 5

Blueant returned to take place of MrQuest, who had quit the season. Epic had told Blueant to ally with him and Blueant falsely agreed to this, he then asked Mo to be in an alliance and Mo said he would. During the challenge he was the third person to get out, meaning he was up for elimination. During the elimination ceremony he voted for Epic to prove his loyalty to Mo, who he knew was a strong competitor, Blueant had received a vote from Geo, but was able to stay in the game and Epic was eliminated.

Episode 6

Blueant was upset when he heard that Epic would be hosting the challenge as he had just blindsided him. During the challenge Blueant gets to the final round and loses to Geo when they are told to type Josee, something he wasn't expecting. During the elimination ceremony he voted for Mo, since he was the biggest threat. Geo, Mo, and G+T, however, all voted for him and he was eliminated.

Episode 8

During the finale Blueant was party of the jury along with everyone else in the chat. Blueant voted for G+T to win over Mo as he though G+T was "more heroic." Mo, however, ended up winning.

Season 15

Blueant returned for season 15 of RBW's Survivor, which was hosted by Sun.

Episode 1

Blueant was upset when he learned that there wouldn't be teams. He tried to make and alliance with Raised By Wolves, and received a request to be in an alliance from Mo, Blueant responded but was never given an answer back from Mo. During the hot potato challenge, he targeted Artdraw and Clyde, he then held the potato until Sun counted down in hopes that he could get Art or Clyde out, however he held it to long and was taken out of the challenge. Before the elimination he asked RBW who he wanted to vote off, RBW responded by saying to vote out Mo. Blueant then tried to convince Geo to vote for Mo but Geo didn't know what he was saying. During the elimination ceremony Blueant was in the bottom 2 with Mo, Blueant then stated how he knew he was leaving and he was correct, before he left he wished RBW good luck and left.

Episode 5

During the finale Blueant was once again part of the jury. He decided to vote for RBW to win since he won the most challenges of the season. It was then revealed thet RBW lost in a 2-1-1 vote against Art and Clyde. Blueant22 still congratulated Clyde, despite not voting for him.

Season 16

Blueant once again returned for Season 16, which was hosted by Gogo then switched to Clyde midway.

Episode 1

Blueant is placed on Team TRR along with TRR, RBW, and Art. In round 1 of the gun challenge he doesn't participate. In round 2 he shoots in the air and is the last person left on his team. In round 3 he shoots himself in hopes of getting Quest and Geo out, but no luck. During the elimination ceremony he votes for TRR and they are the bottom 2. TRR ends up being safe and Blueant is once again the first person eliminated.

Episode 7

In the finale Blueant is a jury member again, he asks the finalists if they like Lindsay or Courtney more, the finalists respond by saying Lindsay, he then asks if they prefer Tyler or Alejandro but Clyde tells him that the question is invalid. In the end he votes for Art to win because he played a better game. Art, however, loses in a 4-5 vote. Blueant is shocked by this but ends up congratulating TRR.

Season 17

Blueant returned as a contestant for Season 17 of the Sim, which was hosted by G+T and later on Sun.

Episode 1

Blueant was asked to be in an alliance with Mo, he accepted this offer and was told to vote Geo off if he lost. During the challenge he was the third to get out of the challenge. When RBW won, he decided to vote out Geo. He also told RBW to vote for Geo During the elimination ceremony he was in the bottom 2 with Geo, however, he ended up being safe and for the first time wasn't eliminated in the first episode.

Episode 2

Blueant was happy that he didn't get eliminated last episode. During the gun challenge he asked Mo who he should shoot. Mo told him to shoot himself since Quest or Glenn would most likely shot him. Blueant did this and made it to the final round along with RBW. During the final round he asked Mo if he should shoot RBW and Mo told him he should. Blueant listened to this and, for the first time, won a challenge. Glenn then told him to vote for RBW due to his great performance in the challenge, Blueant told Glenn he would, however he told RBW to vote for Glenn as Glenn wanted him gone. He received the second Gilded Gwent Statue at the elimination ceremony and Glenn was voted out.

Episode 3

During the guess the contestant challenge Blue managed to score a point but lost to RBW who scored 10 first. Then during the reward part of the challenge he scored 2 more points but lost to Mo, who scored 4 first, Mo however gave his reward to Blueant, and said that he would have to promise to vote for Quest, Blueant kept this promise. During the elimination ceremony Blue received the first Gilded Gwent Statue due to getting -1 votes because of the reward. Quest was then eliminated and Blueant regretted voting for him since Mo was a bigger threat.

Episode 4

During the quotes challenge Blueant scored 1 point but was automatically eliminated due to RBW and Mo getting to 10 before him.


  • In Season 14 he is the first eliminated from Team Aqua, only to return and vote out Epic, who was the only other former member of Team Aqua. This makes him go from the lowest ranking contestant on his team to the highest ranking contestant on his team.
  • He is the only member of Team Aqua to compete in Season 15.
  • Before season 16 the only people Blueant has ever voted for are Epic and Mo.
  • Blueant is the first and so far only contestant to get -1 votes.

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