• Blueant22

    So today is technically my Wikiversary, I say technically because while I've been a member since 2015 it wasn't active till near the end of last year but I'm celebrating it today because I want to. I remember I joined this wiki just to make a blog, that is now very outdated as my thoughts have changed, about how I thought Revenge of the Island should've gone down, I then visited the wiki every so often to read different blogs or look at pages. Then one day last year I made a blog called Total Drama Losers, a fan season that I came up with out of nowhere, it got some nice comments and it made me want to explore the wiki more, so I decided to go on chat one day and everyone was really nice so I decided to stay and started going on chat way …

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  • Blueant22

    Hi anyone who's reading this blog, anyway like the title says I wanted to talk about what would happen if Total Drama didn't let anyone return or debut midway through the season. There is a rule though, the episode the contestant is eliminated in will be a non-elimination episode, this is due to the fact that there is no way to tell which episode would be an elimination or not, the only exceptions are if the episode the contestant is eliminated in is a double elimination, the returning or debuting contestant is eliminated in the final three, the episode before that will be a non-elimination, or the contestant was in the finale. So with that out of the way let's start.

    Okay so this episode is the first in the whole series to feature someone …

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  • Blueant22

    Ridonculous Race Review

    November 13, 2016 by Blueant22

    Okay so I know I'm late on this but since The Ridonculous Race has recently been released on Netflix I decided to make a review blog about it. In this review I will be covering the teams, host, and episodes. So let's start this review!

    The Ridonculous Race is a new show and with that we get a new host, that new host is Don, and is he a good one. So as a host Don show concern for the contestants and he gives teams penalties for good reasons. There really isn't to much to say about Don, which is a good thing because it gives the contestants more time in the spotlight, but really that's all I have to say about Don, he's a great Host and I want another season of Ridonculous Race so we can see him more.

    I'll be reviewing the teams in the way they…

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  • Blueant22

    So this blog will be about if contestants were eliminated for not singing, first I want to say that I did add my own rules just so 5 people wouldn't be eliminated in the same episode the rules are:

    • If it's a reward challenge and a contestant doesn't sing they won't be eliminated.
    • Even if the contestant's team is in first or second place they will be eliminated but will be replaced by the person who originally eliminated.
    • Speaking roles will be counted as singing, the are some instances where people 2 people on the same team don't sing 1 but speaks instead, this means the decision of who will go home is easier.
    • In case two people don't sing and the episode isn't a double elimination the person who would be eliminated their normally will be elim…
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  • Blueant22


    October 9, 2016 by Blueant22

    Blueant, Blu or Blue for short, was a contestant on Raised By Wolve's Survivor Sim he debuted in Season 14 he was placed on Team Aqua. He later returned as a contestant in Season 15. He returned once again in Season 16.

    Season 14: 4th

    Season 15: 7th

    Season 16: 8th

    Season 17: 3rd

    Blueant22 was a contestant on the 14th Season of RBW’s Survivor

    Blueant was the last member to be placed on a team, which was Team Aqua. Then during the gun challenge he shot MrQuest17 and was shot by a member of the opposing team. His team then lost and he was sent to the first elimination ceremony of the season. During the Elimination he voted for Epic and was in the bottom 2 with him, Epic, however, received the final marshmallow and Blueant was the first person voted…

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