Elimination Edit

14th: Sam - I know that many says, that Sam will make it far, because he is an underdog. But the fact is, that I think that it would be wrong, to let only the underdogs make it far. I mean... Owen in Season 1, Beth in Season 2, Cody in Season 3, and Cameron in Season 4. I don't think, that Sam's story in All-Stars will be interesting, for 13 episodes.

13th: Cameron - I like Cameron. But it would be kinda boring to watch him, a Whole season Again. Especially when we know, that he will use his same strategy.

12th: Jo - Surprise! Surprise! Okay... Many off us know, that Jo won't make it far this season. But she's also on a team of super villians. Sure... She's a tough "guy". But her vs Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Scott and Lightning. I'm just saying, that I think, that she will be the weakest villian.

11th: Zoey - Sure... she's a sweat girl. But like Cameron, it would be kinda boring to watch a Whole season of Zoey. Especially now, when we have seen her tough side.

10th: Duncan - Okay... I know, that many of you Guys, want him to be in top 5 (Again). But the fact is, that almost everyone (even his haters) thinks he will go far. So I think, that the writers, are gonna surprise us. Like in Backstabbers Ahoy!, when Dawn got voted off.

9th: Lightning - Sha-Lightning! What can I say, he is one of my favorites. But... Since he won/runner-up in last season. He won't make it far in this one.

8th: Heather - She's the only one, Who have won dobel gold, in make it to the final 3. Unfortunately, this season will not be her third time.

7th: Sierra - Okay... Personally, I would LOVE to watch Sierra win it all. But, let's face it. If Total Drama was 100% like we would have it. It would be a boring show.


6th: Scott - Scott! The most hated player in TD history. With is just another reason, to make him going far, Again. Also... I think that him and Alejandro, will get much screentime this season. Because, their are the main villians.

5th: Gwen - I think, that Gwen derserves much screen time. Especially after Season 2, and 3. Please... Let this season, be Gwen's big comeback!

4th: Alejandro - Okay. The only reason, I think that Alejandro is going to top 4 Again. Is because, in my eyes. He is the biggest villian (after Chris himself) in TD history. So I think, that the king of evil, will fall in Episode 11.

3rd: Courtney - Listen. I hate Courtney. But... their must be some reason, that they bring her back. And since she's the only female villian (except for Jo), that never have won before. She will probably going far this time.

2nd/1st: Mike - Okay. All the Guys, has won before... except for Mike and Sam. So I'm almost 100% sure, that Mike will be in top 2.

1st/2nd: Lindsay - Yep! I think Lindsay's gonna win. She's an fan favorite. Plus, she (and Sierra) is Chris's favorite.


So that's my Elimination Prediction for Total Drama All-Stars. Only 1 month away! YEARG!