Basically, I made a hypothical cast for a discussion blog. This cast is a theme cast with the more beloved contestants(favorites) against the more hated contestants(rejects). The cast are

List of Favorites

  • Lindsay: The Nice Blonde Girl and Ms.Fanservice and has proven she can be smart at times and a real competitor.
  • Harold: Liked because of his Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moments and relationship with LeShawna. 
  • Izzy: Wild & Unpredicatable, liked by virtually everyone with no hatedom
  • Noah : Liked because of his sarcastic personality, intelligence and being the only sane man
  • Brick: Like because of his loyalty, ship tease with Jo and a good person over.
  • Dawn: Loved because of her design, being a Luna Lovegood expy and Nice Girl persona.  
  • Shawn: The only TDPI Male that can be called a fan Favorite. Because of being badass at times, having character devolopment and relationship with Jasmine a
  • Jasmine: Arguably the second most popular of TDPI, the first being Ella. Liked because of being a well written characters with realistic flaws, a strong competitor and goot relations with others, mostly Shawn & Samey.

List of Rejects 

  • Duncan: A Base Breaker rather than full on hated, Hated because of being a Creator's pet allowing him to last to the merge in all of his seasons and his return causing a decline in quality for TDWT(Noah's elimination, The Love Triangle etc)
  • Courtney : Another Base Breaker, hated because of inconsistent writing and flanderization of her competiveness 
  • Ezekiel: Hated because of being reduced a Gollum expy that is annoying and unfunny. He will be Human in this cast
  • Blaineley : My choice for Reject because of wasted potential and  
  • Scott: Hated because of throwing challenges and eliminating Dawn. The Hatedom stopped after All-Stars but that season is hit HARD with Fanon Discontinuity.
  • Staci: Intentionally designed to be fodder. THe most hated female from TDRIOTI is now Zoey but again, All-Stars gotten hit Hard with Fanon Discontinuity
  • Sugar: Hated because of being Owen without the redeeming qualities and elimination Ella & Jasmine
  • Leonard: Hated because of being annoying fodder who insultes real like LARPers.    

Comment below on elimination order, plots etc.

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