Basically I'm creating a cast for Discussion Blog about what order would you have them eliminated in.

This Season is the Top vs Middle vs Bottom. Three teams of six with 2 contestants from each generation.



The Tops are the All-Stars of the season, Statisically.

  •  Owen: (The Big Guy) A controversial choice for an All-Star. Just here because he won season one.
  • Heather (The Villianess) The original antagonist and overall of the best contestants of the series.
  • Cameron: (The Bubble Boy): Another Controversial choice for an All-Star. Again because he won season four plus had good character delovopment .
  • Jo: (The Jerk Jockette) Athletic, determined and basically the best of the girls of her season.
  • Shawn: (The Zombie Conspiracy nut) The Only Guy from TDPI that can be called an All-Star
  • Jasmine  (The Australian Outback Girl)


The Middle are average, they left during the middle of the season. Not quite underdogs but not necessarily All-Stars either 

  • Izzy: (The Crazy Girl) One of the most popular contestants on this wiki with her wacky antics. However,
  • Trent : (The Cool Guy) Used as a Satelite character for Gwen and thrown away after the Break-up of Gwent .
  • Brick: (The Cadet) An Ensemble Darkhorse that was eliminated just before the merge 
  • Anna Maria: (The Joisey Shore Reject) Aside from a conflict with Jo, Just there for the otherwise problematic Love Triangle in TDROTI.
  • Scarlett: (The Quiet Brainiac): Somewhat Popular as normal Scarlett but debated as an antagonist since Scarlett Fever.
  • Topher: (The Chris Wannabe): Unpopular because not interacting with anyone not Chris until the end. 


The Bottoms are characters who are generally unused and left early but still popular with untapped potential.

  • Noah (The Lazy Know-It-All): Pre-Merge boot both times but Highly popular among the fanbase
  • Eva (The Female Bully): Only competed once(excluding No Pain, No Game) and haven't played since
  • Dawn : (The Moonchild): Highly popular even if Overrated
  • B : (The Silent Genius): Just there but Screwed over by Scott
  • Ella : (The Princess Classic):Similiar to Dawn but lasted long
  • Rodney : (The Country Boy): Unpopular because of the idiotic gag of falling in love

What do you think. Comment with elimination order, storylines etc.

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