These are how I feel about the contestants. This was not made to create a flame war. I just make this to voice my Opinion. If things are turning into an Flame War, I will delete this blog.

Eliminated Contestants

  1. Beardo. I liked him. Unfortunately he was essentially a more vocal B and was voted out over the Useless Leonard. I
  2. Leonard. As I said before, I think he was useless for the team. Leonard was only useful as a comic relief. However, I believe that he should have at least outlasted Sugar. 
  3. Amy. I did not like her at all. She proved immediately she was a horrible person(especially to Samy) and it was implied that she only applied for Total Drama just to beat out her sister. I'm glad that she was voted out at the end of the episode(or least took the fall).
  4. Rodney. I like him and his design. However, he was cursed with the gimmick of loving in love with all of the girls on his team.  That Gimmick was annoying and it had to go soon and it did. It was good because it prevents him from being The Scrappy(Super Hated/Unpopular Character) or at least more so.
  5. Samy(I'm calling her by her name, not Samey). I like her but As noted in comments in other blogs(The One about Dave and Sky not being Mike and Zoey) , Her story was revolving around Amy. She proved she was not so different from her sister when she outsmarted Amy and screwed her over. Things gotten worse with her elimination episode where they are just fighting girls and lost their team the challenge. 
  6. Ella. Like the majority of the fanbase, I love her. She is like Dawn. Unfortunately, she was screwed over by the Hated Sugar and Ella was eliminated over Max(who was viewed as Annoying, even on the show itself). Sugar screwing Ella over his what condemned the former to being the Scrappy(click the link above) in the eyes of the fans. Not only the move mean spirited(Ella only sang to help her team), it was strategically poor(Sugar could have keep the information and used it when she or an ally was in trouble).
  7. Topher. I was not a fan of him at all. I think he was just there to annoy Chris. However, all he wanted was to be the new Chris. It was so satisfying to have Topher outsmarted by Chris and had his dreams Crushed. 

Still in the Running

  • Jasmine. I like her. She is amazing, strong competitor and hope she is a finalist. 
  • Sky. I like her. She is nice girl and for the other fans, She is not Zoey(Sky at least tries to focus on the competition and chosen her team over Dave and has reasons for being athletic). I don't mind her being a finalist.
  • Shawn. I don't really mine him. I think he is good, but the phobia is irrational yet somehow endearing. It helps that he is a couple(more or less) with Jasmine.  I don't mind him being a finalist.
  • Dave. I don't really care for him. He is kinda of like Noah(Sarcastic and witty) and unfortunately Mike(because he story arc is revolving about Sky).
  • Max. As I said before, Max is pretty annoying because of his Big Ego but small name. Max you are not a villain and you are not made out for villainy. 
  • Scarlett. I like her as a villain. She is shaping up to be the big bad(main villain) and a fairly likable one at that(She is the only one that I like when the season was airing.) She is effective at being evil(like Heather in TDI) and good at hiding(Like Alejandro in TDWT).
  • Sugar. I don't like her along with the majority of the fanbase. I don't watch Honey Boo Boo and I immediately detested her. Things gotten worse as she proved to be the Load for her team and was a Jerk(Especially to Ella). Hopefully, She is the next to go. 

Who I like to play again

My Opinion Contestants
Yes Ella, Jasmine, Shawn, Rodney,
Samey, Scarlett, Beardo, Sky
Neutral Dave
No Sugar, Topher, Amy, Max, Leonard
  • Note: I hope if any on them return, I hope they get good character development. I don't want them to be Flanderized(For Example, Lindsay became Stupider, Courtney became for vicious and competitive, and DJ became more of a wuss.)

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