Note, this just my views on the the contestants. This is not to start a flame wars. If this causes Controversy, I will delete it. Also, their will be spoilers.

The Final 7

  1. Dave. Did Not like him at the end. Dave more or less revolved around Sky. He didn't listen to her when she had something to say. And voting himself out just because a girl rejected him is not good. The Finale was really bad for his because of taking a level of Jerkiness and just wanting to win the money to burn it in front of Sky
  2. Scarlett. I like her. Sure, she may be evil, but I like her. I just wish she was the true main antagonist instead of Sugar.
  3. Max. I didn't really care for him. I was upset that he wasn't eliminated in episode six. They could have at done an Double elimination to make it fair.
  4. Jasmine. Arguably my Favorite along with Ella. She was a strong competitor and good leader. I wish she was in the finals. She has got to be the most popular Character of the season.
  5. Sugar. I did not like her at all. Never did. Although, someone who comment on a blog post pointed out she can funny. Its only when she isn't being horrid to anyone. Sugar is basically one of the most hated contestants of the season with Dave.
  6. Sky. I liked her. I believe she would had been a worthy winner and she was screwed by Dave in Shawn's ending of winning. Sky also proven she was not Zoey by focusing on the competition and eventually Rejecting the clingy Dave in his boot episode.
  7. Shawn. I liked him. I believe he was an worthy winner. Although his Zombie Acopolypse is annonying, his relationship with Jasmine makes up for it. According to The YMMV page of the tropes website, Sky was leading for the USA ending. Can someone return.

Who I want to Return

Opinion Contestants
Yes Jasmine, Shawn, Scarlett, Ella,
Samy, Rodney, Beardo
Neutral Sky
No Sugar, Max, Dave,
Topher, Amy, Leonard

As stated in my past blog about the TDPI Contestants, I only want them to return if they get character devolopment. If they get Flanderized or get used as Elimination fodder then no. 

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