Anne Maria.

Excuse Me, I was just wondering something. I just wanna know why specifically is she popular.

I never really liked her. She wasn't fan, just there because she believe the show needed her for her singing(which was awful). I think she was like the load for caring about her appearances more than the game. Unlike Dakota, Anna Maria actually lasted litteraly half way though the competition and her quit didn't do me any favors. Most the part, Anna Maria's role in the plot was basically apart of was a love triangle(bad after TDWT) between herself Zoey & Mike.

However, despite the negatives she has a solid fanbase. Zoey and Mike are the hated ones. Zoey because of accusations of being a purity sue, godplayer and not having a individual personality & plot outside of Mike. Mike is because of being defined of his "condition", having no personality of his own & the reset button among other things. Anna Maria fans, please enlightment me and explain to me why she is popular among the older fans.

And Yes, I know its Anne Maria, I'm just doing this out of habit.

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