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  • BlueBarracudas555

    On August 6, 2015, Christine Thompson revealed on the ages of The Ridonculous Race contestants

    The Ages

    • Owen & Noah are both 19
    • Geoff is also 19 while Brody is 17.
    • Both Leonard & Tammy are 16.
    • Both Carrie & Devin are 18
    • Stephanie is 21 while Ryan is 22.
    • Both Mary & Ellody are 19.
    • Emma is 21 & Kitty is 18
    • Dwayne Sr. is 39 while Jr is 13
    • Mickey & Jay are 16.
    • Lorenzo & Chet are 17.
    • Sanders is 18 while MacArthur are 19.
    • Both Rock & Spud are 18.
    • Kelly is 43 while her daughter is 17.
    • Tom is 24 while Jen is 22.
    • Jacques is 22 while Josee is 20.
    • Both Crimson & Ennui is 17
    • Gerry & Pete are in their 60s.
    • Laurie & Miles are both 17

    Thank you for the infomation Christine. 

    NOTE: I have updated this both to include Laurie & Miles ages and to inform you that I inpulsively ma…

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  • BlueBarracudas555

    Since SuperSonicDarkness created the highly sucessful blog was talking about Popular Characters who you Hate, I've decided to do the opposite. This blog discussion is about talking about Characters you like despite their unpopularity.

    As for me, I think the unpopular character I like is Katie, I just like the girl. I was rooting for her back when Total Drama was first airing back in Summer of 2008(I was in the USA).

    So anyway, comment below on the character you like despite being Hated/Unpopular.

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  • BlueBarracudas555

    Hi was just what to ask if given the chance to pick contestants for a season, who would they be. They can be any number of people from any season. Even the ridonculus Race contestants can be included along with others like Josh, Molly & Keith.

    • Team 1: Beth, DJ, Katie, Devin, Alejandro, Jo, Brick, Dawn, Shawn, Scarlet, Beardo
    • Team 2: Gwen, Geoff, Noah, Sadie, Sierra, Lightning, B, Molly, Jasmine, Ella, Rodney, Carrie.

    So comment below on which people would you have for a full season.

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  • BlueBarracudas555

    Hi Everyone, I like to talk about whether or not Dawn should return. Overall Dawn has been on of the  more popular characters of her season. However some consider her overrated. Personally, I believe that she should return because she deserves to be used better than Scott Fodder.

    However how the returning players have been used written worries me that she would be ruined should she retuned(Like what happened to Courtney, Cody, Duncan, Gwen, etc.) or not treated nicely by the writers(Ezekiel, Sam, Scott, etc.) or thrown away after being given or showing plot potential (Harold, Jo, Justin, Noah, Sadie, Samey). My Question to you should Dawn return to have a shot at justify her fan base or not to avoid becoming unpopular and controversial.

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  • BlueBarracudas555

    Excuse Me, I was just wondering something. I just wanna know why specifically is she popular.

    I never really liked her. She wasn't fan, just there because she believe the show needed her for her singing(which was awful). I think she was like the load for caring about her appearances more than the game. Unlike Dakota, Anna Maria actually lasted litteraly half way though the competition and her quit didn't do me any favors. Most the part, Anna Maria's role in the plot was basically apart of was a love triangle(bad after TDWT) between herself Zoey & Mike.

    However, despite the negatives she has a solid fanbase. Zoey and Mike are the hated ones. Zoey because of accusations of being a purity sue, godplayer and not having a individual personality &…

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