Hey Fresh Fans! As promised, we are releasing the character descriptions for the new contestants on The Ridonculous Race. Meet the Sisters; Emma and Kitty! Emma and Kitty are sisters who have always been worlds apart, personality wise. KITTY is pretty and smart but has never really needed to use her brains to get what she wants – her pigtails, petite frame, and cute, pouty faces do all the heavy lifting. She tends to live in the moment and is looking forward to seeing the world with her big sis! Emma is the opposite of Kitty in almost every way; she’s a no-nonsense, highly motivated law student. She’s very competitive and plans to put all of her focus into winning the Race while NOT wasting time on things like “having fun”. Kitty is voiced by Stephanie Mills, who you will remember from 6Teen as Kirsten and of course, Total Drama’s lovable Lindsay. Emma is being voiced by Stacey DePass, aka Nikki Wong from 6Teen. You can follow them on Twitter @S_A_Mills and @Stacey_DePass. Click here to download the image. Stay tuned to re:Fresh for more Ridonculous Race previews and behind the scenes info as we get closer to the starting line! Stay Fresh, it’s hot out. Christine

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