Hey guys, I'm BlooKaboom. This is my first blog, so if I screw something up, feel free to tell me what I can do to make it better. Anyways, these character rankings have been really popular lately, so like others, I thought, sure why not. Anyways, here it goes.

Ezekiel TDI Rank


52: Ezekiel- Ezekiel was pretty cool in TDI I guess. Well, as cool as someone who's been voted off first in both seasons he's competed in can get. I personally believe he had the capability to be a great character. However, in TDWT, he was ruined. He became feral, and made cameos in TDROTI and TDAS. The gag was never funny to me, and I'm pretty sure he's never going to become human again.

The Silent B

51: B- Why does this character even exist? Don't get me wrong, the inventive stuff is kinda cool, but B just does not appeal to me. If he actually talked and stayed a bit longer, I would have probably put him around the 40s or 30s on the list.


Sadie And Katie meet Bear

50/49: Sadie/Katie- Of course these two share a ranking together. They're annoying, that's really all it is. To make them more annoying, they argue just to make up again.


Chef spoon feeds Staci

48: Staci- Staci does a great job at 

being annoying, but that's the point of her character. But, who knows? Maybe some of the stuff she says is actually true. Maybe she lies to make people think her family's cool or something. I'd like to see more of her story.



'47: Blaineley- Pointless character if you ask me. She's not 'funny,and just annoying. She ruined the chances of one of the contestants returning. I heard she's not coming back ever, and I'm happy to hear that. However, she does get points for 

being dramatic.

  46: Mike- Mike is an offensive character, and a lot of the people here on the wiki have ackowledged that. Plus, he has no personality, which is ironic because he has Multiple Personality Disorder.  And a reset button? Really?


Amy and her amazing hairdo

45: Amy- Amy is cool and all, but she's not the most interesting character. She argues with Samey, but that's it.She was only competed on the show for three episodes, so we didn't get to see much of her. I'd like to see her again though.


Woogee woogee woooooo hooba huuuuu lululu woogee wooge wooo!

44: Leonard- He was not that great of a character, and was only
 around for two episodes, all though he was referenced in a few along with Beardo. The kid has no grasp of reality what so ever. He was pretty funny, but could have been a pretty good character. I remember when I few people thought he was a heroic underdog who would make it to the finale. Boy, were they ever so wrong.


43: Beardo- He was only around for one episode, but I liked his character. The sound effects was pretty cool, but if he returns, I hope he gets more screentime and actually does something important and worth mentioning. Until then, he's at number 43.

Zoey TDAS Rank


42: Zoey- The girl's a bland godplayer. She was in ALL of the episodes in both seasons she has competed in, yet she's still a horrible character. She's also really dependent on her boyfriend Mike. Oh, and would someone like to tell me how exactly she is an "Indie chick"?

File:Owen Rank Lulu.png41: Owen is a really annoying character, and has just gotten more annoying over the years. The fart jokes aren't funny. He's had his funny moments, but he just irritates me now. To make matters worse, the guy is a total screenhog. I would not be suprised if he appears in Total Drama:The Ridonculous Race.

So long Sugar

Guess you can say we're...SUGARFREE HURHURHUR

40: Sugar-Sugar's not down here at number 40 because of what she did to Ella. She's here because she's a female, antagonistic Owen. Yeah, sure, she has her funny moments. However, the fart jokes are just plain annoying.


anchor arms

39: Dave- Dave is areally whiny character. His stereotype is "The Normal Guy". So it's "normal" to howl like a wolf and cry because a girl you've only known for a short amount of time? Yeah, ok. Plus, in his audition tape, he said he was here to play dirty and he only cared for the money. Didn't he say he didn't care for the money and he only cared for Sky in one of the episo8des?



38: Topher- I don't understand why a lot of people like Topher so much. (I think it's because people are comparing him to that Tyler Oakley guy.) He's only had "major" interactions with Chris and Jasmine. He would be lower if it wasn't for the whole taking over the show thing, pretty unexpected if you ask me.

sky and the bees

37: Sky- Sky is a whiny jerk. She complained in the last episode almost like Dave saying "It's not fair!" and stomping her foot like an unruly three year old. I never really liked her and found her pretty uninteresting. She should have been eliminated in episode 11, BUT  THEN A RANDOM ROBOT CROCODILE SAVES HER. Plus, she didn't bother telling Dave she had a boyfriend, which annoyed me. Don't bother commenting "She tried to tell him", because she had multiple chances to tell him after.


Cameron-man receives a mission alert

36: Cameron- Cameron never really grew on me. I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. I do respect him for what he did to Jo in TDROTI though. However, he does have his flaws. He's very gullible, and does whatever Mike/Mal said in TDAS. At least he interacted with others apart from Mike and Zoey. ''''35: Justin- Justin was a really quiet character in TDI. He barely 'ever 'talked. In TDA, he had some funny lines, but he was not the best main antagonist. I really don't understand why they decided to make him the main antagonist in the first place. '

34: Rodney- You may be surprised by the fact that I find Rodney adorable. I do have to admit the gag is annoying. I feel like he stayed a little longer than he should have in TDPI. If he does return, I'd like to see a different side of him other than trying to get some. I think he might be related to Scott, he did grow up on a farm with seven brothers after all.
Lets work together


34: Sierra- I don't have much to say about her other than she's an OK character. She just got really whiny and even more obsessed with Cody. She did have some pretty funny moments in World Tour though.

33: Cody- My only problem with Cody is TDWT. I believe that Cody never deserved to get to the final 3 in World Tour. He was carried(literally and metaphorically) by Sierra pretty much the whole season. Good thing Sierra blew up the plane or he probably would've gotten to the finale.
Scott with nails and a spring

Scott having a rough morning

32: Scott- Scott was decent in TDROTI, and also decent in TDAS. I don't like how he randomly went from devious farm boy to awkward farm boy. I also don't see why Courtney and Scott went out, the relationship was really short lived. 


Agent Noah

31: Noah- I kind of like Noah because I can relate to his sarcasm, but am I the only one who doesn't get what the big deal with Noah is? I blame the writers. Poor guy's been booted off twice before the merge. I wish I had gotten to see his plot with Alejandro thicken more. And why is Noah's stereotype "The Schemer"?

Hint for 30: Was disqualified.

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