I've decided to put my thoughts about the Ridonculous Race contestants so far. I'll continue to edit this as more characters are revealed.

Don: Host with the Most 2.0

Don is described as good-looking, charming, personable, a man of people, in touch with his emotion, and any other vocabulary words a fangirl would use to describe her favorite One Direction band member. Meh, seems kinda boring if you ask me. I feel like Fresh won't even include these aspects into the actual character, probably just to get people's attention on TDRR. I'm probably wrong about this, but only the future can tell that. (And your opinion, of course.) Anyways, my "preview" rating of Don is: 5/10 - Average Joe

Devin and Carrie: The Best Friends

Devin and Carrie don't really excite me too much. Basically Devin and Carrie are best friends, and they go way back to their childhood days. Golly gee. But wait, it gets better, Carrie has a, take a seat, A SECRET CRUSH ON DEVIN! WHAAAAAAT!? Wow, I definitely DIDN'T see that one coming! But seriously, everyone's been going heads over heels for Carrie. And then there's that Asian Dev guy, right? (Yes, he was confirmed Asian for those Dev guy fangirls.) Anyways, my "preview" rating for Devin and Carrie is: 5/10 - "Their plot is dull as sin" -- Truteal

Stephanie and Ryan: The Daters

Stephanie and Ryan have great designs. Ryan's a little over the top, (jacked on roids) but I still like his design. They seem a lot more interesting than Devin and Carrie, but they're most likely fodders. But, we can expect a lot of spicy macking. Basically African Canadian Bridgette and Geoff. But I expect something pretty good from them. My "preview" rating for Stephanie and Ryan is: 6/10 - Bridge and Geoff 2.0

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