More info has been revealed!


1 So are they racing from Toronto to Zimbabwe?

2 Any chance they'll be coming to Ireland ?

3 So this game coming out will it also be an app and do you plan on sticking to it because that TDA game was brilliant.

4 I'm interested in how you deicide who gets eliminated do you get rid of characters who don't have a good story going or?

5 Is there going to be a team who sing in every episode like Ella.


@SugarCookie 1. No, they are racing from Toronto to a location in Europe. We are releasing locations randomly... You are welcome to try and figure out the real order.

2. Possibility... guess you'll know it when you see it :)

3. I believe its an online game. Not sure yet whether or not they will be developing an app. The $$ for the development just got approved so it's a bit early for me to tell you exactly what the game will be.

4. Sort of... the decisions on who gets cut is typically made by a group of people who make up the creative team (with input from the broadcaster).

5. No.

Thoughts? I'm hoping they visit Russia first, and eventually Antarctica, India, and Brazil.

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