TDAS is...not my favorite season of Total Drama, and I know many of you here would agree. There were many missed opportunities, dumbed down characters, a bad antagonist and many other issues. Now, if I had to change it, while keeping the same characters, it would go something like this...

14th Place

Courtney Heroic Hamsters Reason: Courtney was seen as bossy (and a threat for merging twice) in the eyes of her teammates. She treated the other campers like they were weaker than her and had no chance of winning the game. In the end, Courtney's harsh words got her the flush.

13th Place


Villainous Vultures Reason: Lightning was not the smartest team member, and mostly bragged about himself instead of doing the challenge. He had no purpose to his team whatsoever, despite making it to the finale last season.

12th Place


Villainous Vultures Reason: Scott, not learning anything from the previous season, attempted to sabotage his teammates by shooting them with leeches in secret. While attempting to shoot Alejandro, he missed, and Al exposed him to his other teammates.

11th Place
Zoey Moon Madness Confessional

Zoey Heroic Hamsters Reason: Mike (Mal) realizes that Zoey was getting too suspicious about him. When it was Zoey's turn to do the Obstacle course, Mal said disgusting things about the pancakes to get her to puke. Considering the fact she threw up 5 seconds into the course, she was voted off.

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