There have been a lot of disagreements on this wiki on whether Courtney or Gwen should be on the Villainous Vultures. So I thought I would share my opinion.

Gwen Gasp

Gwen: She was a protagonist in TDI and never really showed any antagonistic sides to her. In TDA she broke up with Trent for her and his health due to his obsession, and started showing some interest in Duncan. She was one of the main reasons why Trent got eliminated and this showed that she was no longer a protagonist. In TDWT she was friends with Courtney until she did one of the worst things anyone could ever do... she kissed Duncan and this destroyed her and Courtney's friendship probably forever. She felt guilty about it at first, but she never apologized for it though Courtney tends to not let people apologize because she tries to kill or injure them instead (aka kicking Duncan in the area while he was trying to apologize.) So Gwen never really ever had the chance to apologize to her. But ultimately I believe she deserves to be on the Villainous Vultures.


Courtney: People like to say she is overly competetive and that she was never really the antagonist of TDA; but I have to disagree. She is one of the few people that have been the main reason for someones elimination in the first three seasons. In TDI she was eliminated unfairly by Harold but what you have to remember that both her and Harold were eliminated the episode after they screwed someone over. She was the main reason why Sadie got eliminated though D.J. should have been eliminated for being the main reason the team lost (I will never understand why Harold and Sadie were in the bottom 2 considering that Harold won a challenge for the team that episode, and D.J. lost two of the four challenges for the team.) She then got screwed over by Harold (which I enjoyed because she screwed over Sadie) and then Harold got eliminated. In TDA she sued the show halfway through the show in order to be a competitor, and got Owen voted off as soon as she returned and was the main antagonist of the season (yes she's competitive but she did get a lot of people eliminated.) She also treated Duncan very poorly and tried to change him and was abusive. In TDWT she was finally showing that she wasn't an antagonist until like I mentioned Gwen kissed her boyfriend and had a right to be angry. What Courtney needs to learn is to not over react or let people apologize, TDI Harold had to hide from her because she was threatening to kill him and when she found him she pulled a lamp post out of the ground and wrapped it around him. TDA and TDWT kick Duncan in the area multiple times. TDWT threw challenges so she could get rid of Gwen. She should be on the Villainous Vultures also.

Woah!! Both of them should be Villainous Vultures? Why yes, they do! They both deserve to be on that team and I believe that Jo should be on the Heroic Hamsters because she has done less antagonistic moves then both of them though Jo is no hero either, but it would of caused more drama, and would've been more interesting.

But what people have to realize is that we have no say in what happens in the show and that the producers have them on the team they are on for a reason; and that we really need to stop this whole Gwen and Courtney thing. Because it is what it is and we can't change a thing, no matter how much we disagree with the producers. 

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