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  • Blicharmichael2

    Ezekiel or Courtey (Courtney)

    Eva or Harold (Eva)

    Noah or Lindsay (Noah)

    Justing or Heather (Justin)

    Katie or Sadie (Katie)

    Tyler or Courtney (Courtney)

    Izzy or Lindsay (Lindsay)

    Cody or Heather (Cody)

    Beth or Heather (Beth)

    Sadie or Harold (Harold)

    Courtney or Harold (Courtney)

    Harold or Bridgette (Bridgette)

    Eva or Heather (Eva)

    Trent or Owen (Owen)

    Bridgette or Duncan (Duncan)

    Lindsay (Eliminated)

    DJ (Eliminated)

    Izzy or Gwen (Izzy)

    Geoff or Gwen (Geoff)

    Leshawna (Eliminated)

    Duncan or Owen (Duncan)

    Heather, Gwen or Owen (Owen)

    Gwen or Owen (Owen)

    Gwen WINS!

    Brigette, Geoff, or Leshawna (Bridgette and Geoff)

    Izzy, Justin, or Lindsay (Justin)

    Trent or Owen (Owen)

    Gwen or Heather (Gwen)

    DJ (Quit)

    Izzy or Justin (Izzy)

    Owen or Courtney (Courtney)

    Heather or Leshawna (Le…

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  • Blicharmichael2

    Actual Person Eliminated Who I Would Have Eliminated
    Ezekiel Courtney
    Eva Eva
    Noah Noah
    Justin Justin
    Katie Katie
    Tyler Courtney
    Izzy Lindsay
    Cody Cody
    Beth Beth
    Sadie Courtney
    Courtney Courtney
    Harold Duncan
    Eva Eva
    Trent Owen
    Bridgette Duncan
    Lindsay Lindsay
    DJ DJ
    Izzy Izzy
    Geoff Geoff
    Leshawna Leshanwna
    Duncan Duncan
    Heather Owen
    Gwen Owen
    Owen Gwen

    This table is based on the bottom two of each elimination not random orders

    Actually Eliminated Who I Would of Chose
    Bridgette Bridgette
    Geoff Geoff
    Izzy Lindsay
    Trent Owen
    Gwen Gwen
    DJ DJ
    Izzy Justin
    Owen Courtney
    Heather Leshawna
    Leshawna Duncan
    Justin Duncan
    Lindsay Duncan
    Harold Courtney
    Courtney Courtney
    Owen Owen
    Beth Duncan
    Duncan Beth

    Actually Eliminated Who I Would Chose
    Duncan Duncan
    Ezekiel Ezekiel
    Harold DJ
    Bridgette DJ

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  • Blicharmichael2

    Total Drama Island

    24th Courtney

    23rd Ezekiel

    22nd Noah

    21st Justin

    20th Katie

    19th Eva

    18th Tyler

    17th DJ

    16th Beth

    15th Sadie

    14th Harold

    13th Geoff

    Eva and Courtney Return

    12th Courtney

    11th Bridgette

    10th Cody

    9th Eva

    8th Duncan

    7th Izzy

    6th Trent

    5th Leshawna

    4th Lindsay

    3rd Heather

    2nd Owen

    1st Gwen

    Total Drama Action

    17th Bridgette

    16th Geoff

    15th Owen

    14th Izzy

    13th Gwen

    Owen Returns

    12th DJ

    Bridgette Returns

    11th Owen

    Courtney Debuts

    10th Beth

    9th Lindsay

    8th Leshawna

    7th Heather

    6th Justin

    5th Bridgette 

    4th Duncan

    3rd Harold

    2nd Courtney

    1st Trent

    Total Drama World Tour

    19th Leshawna

    18th Ezekiel

    17th DJ

    16th Bridgette

    15th Lindsay

    14th Duncan

    13th Izzy

    12th Harold

    Leshanwa Returns

    11th Tyler

    10th Leshawna

    9th Noah

    Blaineley Debuts

    8th Owen

    7th Gwen

    6th Courtney

    5th Blaineley

    4th Sierra

    3rd Co…

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