This new episode was a very good one. I give it about a 10 out of 10. There was some stuff that I found distasteful, like Beth and Lindsay in prison, and when the "Drama Brothers" sang. I felt like I would shoot myself. (But I won't; I can't do that man!!) I liked the overall plot in the second act, with the bus chase and the desert, etc. Anyway, I did find the Celebrity Manhunt people a little annoying, but funny. I think that they may be seen in the future. I also did like it that they gave DJ's mother a bigger role in this episode Sierra was kind of funny and very obsessive. I like how she rallied the 22 contestants together to stop the "Dirtbags." Alejandro seems to have a bit of a dark side. He says that he wants to win. I look forward to seeing them both in action. I did feel happy that Duncan and Courtney are back together (again), and I also do feel bad for those who didn't make it into season three. I feel extremely sorry for Bridgette though. Being separated from her boyfriend is harsh. I just hope she doesn't lose focus on trying to win the money for both of them, and not to fall for another person (Alejandro). I did like the part where she stays behind to get a tan, though. That was awesome! Still, all in all, this was a very good episode as I mentioned before, and I am super psyched for Total Drama World Tour.

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