Hello folks. BlastWave here with my first countdown of my favorite Total Drama characters from seasons one, two and three. I have thought about this list for quite a while now, and I thought it would be time to tell you my favorites. I will list them from least favorite to greatest favorite. So, without further fanfare (*fanfare plays*), here they are!

Number 27: Chris Mclean

I hate this guy with a passion! He is the worst character on the show because he tortures all of the contestants for no reason, or if there is a reason, it's probably for his own benefit. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But he is the host of the show. He has a right to do that." Well, I think NOT!! I like what happens to him in season four when he is arrested.

Number 26: Alejandro

This guy is a real villain, a dark character, who is like the Devil himself. He also reminds me of Palpatine from Star Wars. He is a manipulative schemer, a dirtbag, and above all, he got one of my favorite characters eliminated!

Number 25: Chef Hatchet

The tough as nails Chef is a real big pain, but even though he doesn't do much, except for a select few episodes, he is still a big jerk.

Number 24: Justin

This guy is a real pretty boy, who used his looks to get through life scott-free. He is a person who can hypnotize anyone with his hotness. What a dork.

Number 23: Blaineley

Now Blaineley is a big fame-monger who wants to create problems for people, and is a big faker. 'Nuff said.

Number 22: Eva

Eva is just a big bruiser with no heart. All she has is anger, and fury. She needs to take a chill pill for Pete's sake!

Number 21: Katie

Katie is just a character who fawns over people like Justin and her devotion to Sadie is kinda creepy.

Number 20: Sadie

Sadie, like Katie gushes over Justin and Trent throughout the series. And one thing I forgot to mention in my description of Katie is that both them remind of a comedy duo, like Abbott and Costello, or Laurel and Hardy.

Number 19: Tyler

Now Tyler is just a person who can't do much of any sports. He think's he's all that, but he's not. He should try doing something else with his life.

Number 18: Ezekiel

Ezekiel is just a weirdo. What he did to get himself eliminated in seasons one and three is just plain stupid. His trying to get in the game made him lose his sanity, and become like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

Number 17: DJ

DJ is just a big coward and a mama's boy. I could have placed him a little higher, but considering what I just mentioned... I didn't.

Number 16: Duncan

Well, I'm not big on the whole punk scene, but that's beside the point. He was just a giant jerk to people, like Harold. And there was the fact that he cheated on Courtney by kissing Gwen in season three.

Number 15: Noah

Noah is just a person who thought his smarts were going to help him win the show in season one, but the only thing smart about him was his mouth. He did a little better in season three by making a friend in Owen.

Number 14: Beth

Beth is a little okay, but she's also not one of my personal favorites. She did okay in season one, and nearly won in season two.

Number 13: Leshawna

Leshawna is just a big loudmouth. She may have a heart of gold, but she does sometimes get angered by some things like when Heather hit her in season three, episode six.

Number 12: Geoff

Geoff is another one of those characters that is okay with me. He's a little bit in the middle.

Number 11: Izzy

She is wing-dingy, looney-toony, and oofty-magoofty. She is 100% nuts!

Number 10: Owen

The fattest character on the show. He is just plain funny. I like him a lot.

Number 9: Lindsay

That dumb blonde is just silly. It's a little funny when she calls herself "Her Hotness".

Number 8: Heather

Now don't hate. I put Heather at number eight because she's a hottie, and she also took out Alejandro and won season three (in the United States).

Number 7: Trent

He is one of my musical inspirations. He reminds me a lot of John Lennon.

Number 6: Harold

Like Harold, I am a big nerd, so it seems logical that he has a place in the Top 10.

Number 5: Gwen

She plays the game well. And for a goth chick, she's pretty fun and I think she's cute, in her own way.

Number 4: Sierra

This girl is crazy! She is an uber fan of the show, just like me and pretty much everyone else who works on this wiki. No offense.

Number 3: Cody

My favorite male out of the old cast. All the attempts he made to be with Gwen make me laugh.

Number 2: Courtney

Courtney was my favorite female out of the old cast once, but after season two, I kind of fell out of favor for her, even though I helped her when I played the Best game ever.

And now, you'll probably know who is my number one favorite character. But I'll tell you anyway!

Number 1: Bridgette

I LOVE Bridgette! She is nice and pretty, and awesome! I think Geoff is a lucky man to have her. Not to mention she looked great in that dress she wore in season three episode six!

So, there you have it. This is how I ranked every character from seasons one, two, and three. Feel free to comment on anything you have read. Bye for now!

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