Today I want to talk about a serious problem that is been on me for quite some time now. I think that people are addicted to the Total Drama series. So, I've come up with a test to see who is addicted, and who is not. Please say your answers on your blog comments, and I will reveal the results in a later posting.

The Test

  • 1. When you see a voice actor for your favorite character, do you...
    A. Shriek "EEEEEE!" and run over to ask for an autograph.
    B. Walk over and kindly ask for an autograph.
    C. Walk over and talk to the character.
    D. Ignore the person and keep walking.
  • 2. Have you taped the series?
    A. Yes! I've taped every single episode from the very beginning.
    B. Only just an episode that I think is good, like a reward challenge.
    C. I waited for the DVD to come out, but I will tape an episode I'm going to miss.
    D. Never.
  • 3. Did you buy the DVD?
    A. Oh yeah! I got it baby! (What am I going to do with my tapes?)
    B. Yeah, I did, just to get it.
    C. I did, but I did not tape the series before it came out.
    D. Nope, I did not buy it.
  • 4. Have you printed articles about the show off the internet?
    A. Yes I have, and I'm quite proud of my collection.
    B. I have, but I got rid of it later.
    C. Maybe once or twice.
    No way. Are you that dense?!
  • 5. Do you edit the Total Drama Wiki?
    A. All the time!
    B. Usually.
    C.On occasion.
    D. Never.
  • 6. Is a Total Drama related website your homepage?
    A. Yes!
    B. It's one I don't use, but I have it as a homepage.
    C. I don't know if it is...
    D. No way! I'm not that obsessive.

These are the only questions I can think of right now, but I will add more later.

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