• BlackMajik

    Awww, Drumheller

    August 26, 2010 by BlackMajik

    After watching each episode I was always so eager and excited to see the next one. (Also hoping for more AxH scenes) But after watching this episode, I feel sad. I still am eager to see the next one but it doesn't feel the same. Does anyone else feel like that after watching this?

    I think its because it seems like Alejandro actually trusted Heather, and in his own way, gave into his love for her and assumed she'd do the same. He was so angry at her for making fun of him, and he seemed aggressive with asking her to not vote for him. I believe what made her vote for Alejandro was his handywork with "photoshoping" that picture to get her voted off. I think he really trusted her and he feels truely betrayed.

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