Brendan played by me.

Owen and Izzy played by Dami Brendan: Hello Total Drama and we got a surprise today we introude season's winner Owen

  • Audeince clap*

Owen: Hi everyone!

Brendan: okay Owen you have to awnser theese questions or you'll be a chew toy to theese sharks

Owen: I'm ready!

Owen:: What are the questions?

Trent: "in the audience" You can do this, Owen!

Owen: Thanks Trent!

Brendan: Okay Owen how did it felt when Alejandro elminate your best friend Noah?

Owen: Well, I was pretty sad.

Owen: I thought since Alejandro and Tyler were getting to be in an alliance, I thought they were gonna vote me off next

Owe: So, I was also worried too!

Brendan: Okay did you ever watch total drama revenge of the island after when could't compete in the season?

Owen: I did.

  • Owen : I watched Dakota becoming Dakotazoid, Mike change into his MPDs, and Cameron winning, at least in Canada.
  • Brendan: were cheering for any certain contestant onthe show?
  • Owen: Um, I was cheering for B and Sam until they got eliminated.
  • Owen:: Then I voted for Cameron.
  • Brendan: Okay Owen this question will really put your emonials
  • Owen:: I'm ready.
  • Brendan: how do you feel about Izzy right now?
  • Owen: I miss her, I wish we were together again, and I wish she was here right now!
  • Brendan: Which brings to our next guest she's crazy, she can catch a big fish, and was allways elminated 6th or 7th Izzy.
  • Izzy: Hi everyone!

Owen: Izzy!

  • Izzy: Owen!
  • Brendan: Okay Owen Okay if I asked Izzy some questions I you can't inturpt okay?
  • Owen: Don't worry.
  • Brendan: Izzy did you changed your name to escope to gain advantage on Total Drama Action?
  • Izzy: Absolutly, not! I just liked the name E-Scope.
  • Izzy: It just came to me!

Brendan: Other than Justin who do you want beat up the most?

Izzy :hmm

Izzy: It would probably be Alejandro or Scott.

Izzy: They are both mean.

Brendan: You think it was funny how Chris fell in the washroms by Scott's snare trap?

Izzy: That was probably the only funny thing that Scott did.

Izzy: Chris earned it!

Brendan: One more question if you were in a season with any of the new cast which one you try to make aliience with?

Izzy;: Probably be either Zoey, Dakotazoid, or Dawn.

Brendan: all right thats enough you can make out with owen now.



"they both make out"

Izzy: I missed you!

Owen: I missed you!

Izzy: We're back together now, right?

Owen: Oh yeah, baby!

Brendan: Gwen, Heather?

Gwen: What?

Heather: What?

Brendan: Talking won't give the rattings only so we needed a big conflict for the next time which is why you two will be our guests next time.

Gwen: : "glares at Heather"

Heather: "glares at Gwen"

Brendan: Thats all see you next time on Total Drama Talk Blog.

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