Hello Everyone sorry if it's been a while since I have been here okay anyone I've been looking at the currently confirmed cast for season 5 and thought of possible Friendships and Conflicts. There isn't a lot also from whats confirmed so far there isin't gonna be a lot of couples forming only nlike one or two though. However there'll likely be a lot of drama there. So heres what I think of Friendships and Conflicts.


Lightning and Duncan Reason: I don't know Lightning might respect Duncan for his performance.

Owen and Cameron Reason: I don't know why I just thought they might be friends.

Lindsay and Dawn Reason: I don't I just think that since the theme is Heroes vs. Villians Lindsay and Dawn will be on the same team and Lindsay might want to make friends with the newbies.


Duncan and Mike: Mike could still have his MPD and it'll probally annoy Duncan.

Courtney and Heather Cont. Reason: They still hate each and Courtney might be even more upset with Heather with the whole Alejandro thing.

Lightning and Cameron Cont. Reason: Lightning would try to get back at Cameron for causing his father to lose his championships rings.

Heather and Dawn Reason: I actually have two reasons 1. Dawn could read her aura talk about something that Heather finds very private. 2. Heather keeps reminding her of her conflict with Gwen

Thats all I could think of sorry about the least amount of interactions. Theres only 13 contestants anyway tell me what you think of and post your own oppinion of interactions.

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