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Best Friends

Beth and Lindsay - Beth and Lindsay become fast friends during Total Drama Island while they are members of Heather's Alliance. Eventually, the two of them begin to dislike Heather, and leave the alliance, though their friendship continues. In Total Drama Action, the two of them often do many things together, and squeal when they are excited. The two of them fall for Justin's charm, despite already being in a relationship. Under his influence, they once again enter another alliance, and become the pawns of another antagonist. However, the two of them eventually break free of his control. The two of them have no interaction in Total Drama World Tour, as Beth does not participate in the season, while Lindsay does.

Gwen and Leshawna - Leshawna is arguably Gwen's closest friend on the show, to the point of being called "best friends", as the two often team up during the challenges and both are strongly opposed to Heather and her tactics. The duo are also seen together often in their spare time. Leshawna constantly stands by Gwen and vice versa, no matter what the issue is. They are usually referred to as the two closest female friends on Total Drama Island with a mutual friendship (unlike Heather and Lindsay, who were also always seen together, yet had a one-sided friendship on Lindsay's side). Later in the season, Bridgette joined their friendship, although it wasn't as strong as the friendship Gwen and Leshawna had with each other.

The two remain close in Total Drama Action, though their friendship becomes strained after Gwen hits Harold in the head with a shovel. After this, Leshawna senses that something is also happening behind the scenes. She falls back on the fact that hitting Harold was a strange act, as it wasn't like Gwen, and she realizes something "was wrong." Her vote, along with Harold's, Heather's, and Gwen's own vote, led to Gwen's elimination in The Chefshank Redemption. Even further than this, Leshawna's relationships with most other people (possibly including Gwen), was strained after she lied to all of her teammates shortly after Gwen's elimination just to get a spa reward, and they later found out about her deception.

Both girls return for Total Drama World Tour, but since the two are placed on different teams and Leshawna is eliminated fairly early in the show, the two do not interact with each other throughout the whole season.

Bridgette and Courtney - When the series first began, Courtney was shown to only want to win the competition, and she didn't seem to be interested in making friends with anybody. However, she became friends with her fellow Killer Bass teammate Bridgette, and the interaction between the two girls escalated to the point where they became good friends before Courtney was eliminated. Unlike most characters, whom Courtney does not hesitate to criticize for their failures or what she otherwise deems as uselessness to herself and the team, Bridgette seems to have gained Courtney's genuine respect. They manage to maintain their friendship in spite of episodes where Courtney berates Bridgette for any serious mistake she makes, such as in Not Quite Famous and The Sucky Outdoors.

Considering how many enemies Courtney has made due to her ruthlessness in the competition throughout the series (particularly in Total Drama Action), Bridgette is probably the only real friend that Courtney still has left on the entire show. However, the two had little interactions in Total Drama World Tour, due to them being on different teams, and Bridgette's early elimination.

Katie and Sadie - Katie and Sadie were introduced to the island as Best Female Friends For Life (or BFFFLs as they called it), and were extremely stereotypical. They met in their childhood and were inseparable friends since then. In Total Drama Island, their friendship is used many times as a gag, with things such as them doing absolutely everything together, and sometimes even syncing each other (such as in The Big Sleep, where they snore together). They sometimes reached delicate points in their friendship (such as when they were fighting over Justin or when they both argued with each other about getting lost), but in most of the season they are almost naturally seen as great friends. They interact in virtually all the episodes where they are seen together, and many times share good memories from their childhoods (often through rambling), which indicates that their friendship was, in most of their lives, at the same status as it is today. Katie is tan and petite, while Sadie is pale and generally overweight, being the near-only major difference between the two.

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