Okay its all ready obvios that Heather and Leshawna won the gemie for biggest conflict so heres the next catagory you have until Sunday October 21 to vote.

Most Shocking Elimination

Gwen in TDWT: During Greece's Pieces after Courtney found out about Gwen kissing Duncan Courtney was so pissed at Gwen that Courtney started throwing challenges to elminate Gwen. During Picnic at Hanging Dork Gwen was forced to get allience with Cody and Heather to elmnate Courtney so she could stay further but her bofriend aka Duncan accidently caused her elmination when threw a dingo at Cody which made Cody and forced a tie which further resulted in Gwen's elmination.

Mike in TDRI: During TDRI Mike was trying to attempt to control hi MPD to win Zoey over but after Cameron acciedently told Scott Mike's MPD in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean during Grand Chef Auto Scott black mailed Mike into helping him win the challenge and elminate Mike afterwards.

Dawn in TDRI: She was fan favorite and a very lovable charcter to. However during Backstabbers Ahoy she was so un fairly elminated by Scott it wasen' even funny and everyone was shocked.

Bridgete in TDI:Bridgete ws very nice and her interaction with Geoff was pretty good. Then the guy's allience (minus Geoff) decided to vote off Bridgete. Bridgete's elmination was so shocked that even Chris was shocked and he knew the awnser.

Note: I didn't nominated Noah because it would be to obvios that Noah win cause he very very likable And I don't want to make the same mistake with the last catagory. Remember to vote.

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